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A visit to Riverview Hospital (Essondale)

I am often drawn to visiting the grounds of Riverview. Recall, for example: Asylum, Bedlam, Essondale. Last Friday, I brought along my daughter and dog Tobey. I was struck by the unkempt lawns and the significant deterioration since my last visit not too long ago. I was also struck (as always) by the intense beauty […]

ASYLUM. #graphicnovel research

When I saw this book on my fave site, BrainPickings, I immediately called around the local bookstores and found a copy downtown. From BrainPickings: One of the 19th-century’s most notorious socioarchitectural phenomena were the “insane asylums” that housed the era’s mentally ill — enormous and stunning buildings whose architecture stood in stark contrast with the ominous […]

Molly’s brother 1926-1963. Mental illness. Bowel obstruction. #Essondale #graphicnovel #Vancouver

PROJECT FUNDED on KICKSTARTER! MOLLY- the graphic novel (model: Jocelyn Louise) — I am finding incredible primary sources on ETSY and am particularly impressed with VINTAGE BOOK LOVER. I ordered vintage 1940s resources regarding Tuberculosis and intestinal disorders. I was elated to receive a special gift of bowel disorder illustrations, which proved PERFECT for finishing today’s page […]


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