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IMG_5316 August 11

Autopsy and the somewhat autobiographical nature of my graphic novel

I have been on a bit of blog-haitus of late.  Just experienced an amazing pull back into the past as a dear friend spent 9 days here visiting from Sweden.  We dove deep.  Real deep.  Drenched in Swedish.  Endless necessary exhilarating conversation. Fully open and torn open- finding old wounds long hidden- releasing them. Reflecting […]

IMG_4867-0 July 12

Limited edition hand-embroidered print sale #graphicnovel

— I am making available 10 hand-embroidered prints entitled Who is it that can tell me who I am? featuring an original image from my graphic novel, Molly. —  — The print captures the moment a crow, the magician of the forest, adorned by a child’s skull as a crown, looks, with intense curiosity, into Lost Lagoon […]

IMG_4105-0 May 31

ART SALE: Graphic Novel Paper Dress and Update

So the theme of the month of May was, according to the Power Path, NEW ALIGNMENT. We have been shaken, rattled, taken apart, and sideswiped by the unexpected. We have had to accept change and embrace the unknown. The eclipses of March and April affected us on a very deep level, with core issues needing […]

molly April 24

Molly Teresa O’Dwyer April 25, 1924 #familytree

I know that my heart will be forever in this suspended animation, as I live entwined in their circumstance. Molly, a graphic novel —

IMG_0203 February 14

Why receiving a NO from @writehedgebrook was a YES.

December 19, 2014: Dear Katarina, Thank you so much for applying for a 2015 Hedgebrook residency. We received 1,466 applications for 2015 and are able to offer 40 residencies. Though your application did not advance into the final round this year, we want you to know that your work resonated with our reviewers. Sending your work […]

IMG_1413 February 06

Molly, my Molly, has acknowledged the past. #graphicnovel

— See there- my Molly, in death- so white Coming clothed in flowers, entering the night. My fate, through her eyes, is being foretold My dreams, my wounds, my joys she holds. Spirits, unpolished, stand back in aghast, Molly, my Molly, has acknowledged the past. “It’s not what I wanted! Not what I assumed!” And […]

mulligan-report January 14

January 15, 1953. Stanley Park, Vancouver. #coldcase

  Several developments since I last mentioned Molly. This work infuses my life in every way.  I am currently editing the manuscript and working on releasing instalment 1 as a broadsheet. Animation test to commemorate January 15, 1953 created by students at Mountainside Secondary:

IMG_9796.JPG August 23

Writing is usually a process of elimination until… I don’t know- nothing is really there.

When walking my dog, I usually carry a book. Sometimes I read the book voraciously as Tobey walks at will. Sometimes I just carry the book- reassured that should Armageddon occur, I will find myself seated amidst the chaos- casually reading- because now I have time. Sometimes I just read a sentence or two- inspired […]

photo August 02

Join the ‘100 Faces’ Street Art Project for instalment 1 of my graphic novel.

Molly, my graphic novel, is not just an illustrated work of creative non-fiction, nor is it simply about one cold case- it is a Vancouver story.  It belongs to the people of Vancouver.   I am presenting my work in 5 instalments as a broadsheets in newspaper form. You can read more at: PREVIEW and GRAPHIC NOVEL POSTS […]

20140703-204420-74660185.jpg July 03

Same image, different context. What is the truth? #molly #graphicnovel

I took down my “working wall” for my graphic novel, Molly. I am planning to put up a cork wall to start creating the Molly AUTOPSY image I imagine. The story of Molly will unfold in the various peel-backs of the autopsy, while at the same time following a 5 act structure. It strikes me […]


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