1001 AIDS Stories

As I contemplate how to incorporate HIV-AIDS AWARENESS  into my youth-at-risk art therapy and Operation Sock Monkey at Keith Lynn Alternative Secondary, I am excited about this new local site: http://1001aidsstories.org/

Panos Canada has begun collecting stories from people whose lives have been changed by HIV/AIDS. These individual narratives and images, reflecting their personal views, experiences and feelings, will help create an innovative on-line website…  Panos Canada is a Canadian NGO working on pluralism, media, human security, international justice and peacebuilding. Panos works in partnership with others, especially with other Panos institutes worldwide…

I have been increasingly aware of risky sexual behavior in local youth.  It is impossible to categorize the reasons for this behavior: ignorance, substance abuse, childhood trauma… etc.  I feel that by raising awareness in the students via Operation Sock Monkey and the study of AIDS in Africa, the door will be opened for dialogue regarding their own experiences.  The goals are to increase awareness, to promote safe practices, to promote self-esteem and self-advocacy…
Excellent resources list is available on the 1001 AIDS STORIES site at: INFO
KEITH LYNN’s OPERATION SOCK MONKEY is the Western Division for OPERATION SOCK MONKEY out of Toronto.
Operation Sock Monkey is an initiative in support of Clowns Without Borders South Africa (CWBSA) providing laughter, hope and healing to communities affected by HIV/AIDS.
Available to read online at: LINK
This publication is intended to help guide that response. Written by dozens of the country’s leading HIV experts, the book explores the dynamics of the epidemic, analyzes prevention efforts, identifies crucial gaps, and formulates effective strategies for controlling the epidemic. Complementing the experts’ words are the dramatic portraits of people whose lives have been forever transformed by AIDS. Their stories reveal the human costs of the epidemic–and the courage required to overcome it.

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