I think that until we cry as often as we laugh, we are not fully alive. – SARK

Wow- I’m doing the SARK’s Awesome Anytime Adventure – a 30-day multimedia eProgram full of nourishing, fabulously fun sweet spots of inspiration, healing, and extreme self-care. Sometimes I do it daily and sometimes I have to squash 3 together.  It’s an amazing way to connect with yourself and your journal.  But it’s also like trying to birth yourself through the eye of a needle (as my friend Michele Lavery once put it).  It’s so positive and uplifting, yet I feel like scabs have been pulled off and I have to address areas in myself that make me protect others at the expense of my self-care.

I recommend the adventure!  I am on day 16…

Love Kat

PS. For more on SARK go to my HEALING WITH SARK page!

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