I am so excited to discover @ABCcreativity!!!

It’s a busy online world, with so  much information and so much to do– so many links to click, so many tweets and likes.  But certain sites stand out.  Like an oasis, a pause.  I just found one.  I am so excited to be using the tools created by Andrea Schroeder of ABC CREATIVITY!  I will be sharing as I go what I learn from her creativity and life lessons.  I believe I may have found a new mentor!

Her free e-course is incredible.  Your creative genius is all of the most delicious aspects of who you really are.  So healing just to read that one sentence!  To read more go to: LINK

Andrea has created some amazing teaching tools and the first product I am introducing tonight is her MEDIATION KIT:

Meditation kits contain guided creative meditation .mp3s and workbooks and meditation journals, for getting the most out of the creative meditation experience. – Andrea Click here to view more details

I just purchased my kit.  What better way to start off the new year but with new tools?!  First step: organize the journal bag!

I’ll keep you posted!

I can’t wait to try her CREATE A MAP CREATIVITY KITClick here to view more details

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  1. andrea says:

    I am so glad to have met you too!

    You are such a bright creative spark.

    And I have those same pens! Aren’t they the best?!

  2. Yes- the pens are fantastic! Favorites in my art therapy room!

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