Whoa- I just did a #meditation?! Resulted in a message from my #angelmom. Cheers @ABCcreativity!

OK- I am about to listen to the first meditation in ABC CREATIVITY‘s MEDIATION KIT!  I can feel the anxiety starting to gather around my heart.  (I do feel a white light at the core though.  That is a very good thing!)

What do I want from this?  Not just to simply test a mentor’s product.  I am looking for relaxing techniques and turning fear into a positive change.  To sit with the pain of the past, let it melt, and let the light shoot forward, all around.

I choose the meditation mp3: enjoy your day burst of positivity

As I started to listen, I dumped my journal bag onto the floor to multi-task and organize while relaxing.  My mind will not slow if I don’t do something with my hands.  But Andrea’s voice immediately made me close my eyes and stop and listen.

… … … … … BUBBLE OF POSITIVITY… … … …

I am pure positive energy and I feel great

It was just long enough to pull me in, relax me, allow me to sit with the emotion that welled up and then let me go.  Just like that.  Easy.  Love it!

And as I got back to organizing my journal bag, as I continued taking deep breaths, a little brown taped paper bag fell out.  I recall buying whatever was in the bag at a time last year when I was especially missing mom, taping it up, and hiding it away, knowing that one day I would look at it, knowing it would contain what I needed from mom just at that time.  I had forgotten what was inside.

So today was the right time to hear mom’s message:  It is a little angel…

with a message on the back:


Meditation kits contain guided creative meditation .mp3s and workbooks and meditation journals, for getting the most out of the creative meditation experience. – Andrea Click here to view more details

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