Art Book Quote of the Day from “Street Art- the #Graffiti Revolution”

Street Art- the Graffiti Revolution by Cedar Lewisohn (2008), Harry N. Abrams

Brassaï became interested in graffiti during his flâneur-like wanderings through the city at night.  His enthusiasm for art on the streets was in some ways a revolt against the interest shown in African and Oceanian art by the mainstream taste-makers and other artists of the time.  The idea that the art on the street, right outside people’s doors, was equally as interesting as that being exoticised by the bourgeoisie was as radical then as it is now.  In this sense, Brassaï was drawing parallels between these two forms of creativity.  Both he and the Surrealists were greatly interested in anonymous art forms such as graffiti that were considered worthy of attention, and this fitted with their ideas of how art should function. (p. 29)

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