When art comes back to say hello, only to be released again. #honoring #missingwomen #artevent

I was honored to work with families and friends of the victims of Robert Pickton and of the missing women back in 2002/3.   I just reconnected with one family member who will be providing some of the pieces I originally donated to decorate a rehab centre in her sister’s honor.  The project has changed since then, and she asked if she could auction them off, but asked where.  So, serendipity strikes and the pieces will be in my silent-auction on March 10 with proceeds from these pieces going towards an ongoing quilting project in honor of the women (currently 300 quilts have been made).


“Sarah, I think of you” (in memory of Sarah deVries). Print of the original donated to Coquitlam RCMP Detachmen

Print and quilt a legacy to missing women-2002


This piece was originally exhibited at The Nordic Heritage Museum in my large solo show dedicated to the novel "Independent People" by Halldor Laxness. Post about this 1998 exhibit coming soon. This piece was to go into the rehab centre, but as the project has changed, it will be in my silent auction on March 10.
I was very moved by the story of Sarah deVries who not only looked like my daughter when she was a child but her energy, intelligence and spirit also reminded me of Anna.

Please visit Wayne Leng’s websites: MISSINGPEOPLE.NET and MISSINGWOMEN


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