The creative process is just as much about what you take away as it is about what you add. #sketching #portrait

Working on a portrait of my muse, Jocelyn Louise.  I found myself (at 2 AM this morning) erasing- not to fix, but to BRING HER OUT.  Slowly getting there.  You know when you get there.  It just stops and sits. I’m not there yet- about 10% there.  2 portraits of Jocelyn will be unveiled at the March 10 art event!

Detail of infancy sketching stage of Jocelyn as Frida Kahlo. Note the use of eraser to DRAW not to fix!

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  1. Diane says:

    Nice drawing. I have never been very successful at the taking away process like this when I learned it in art school. I love the effects you get, but I cannot seem to master it. I can do some subtraction with scratching into watercolor and ink with some success and that is fun. Keep going…I love your work!

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