Special guest at March 10th Art Event! LIVE PAINTING and BODY PAINTING by Jay Peachy! #Vancouver #District319

I am pleased to announce that we have confirmed that multi-talented and multi-faceted ArtistAdvocateActivist Jay Peachy, will be doing live painting and body painting at my March 10th art event!   Watching him paint is so wonderful as he puts his whole body and spirit into it!  I adore him and owe him a lot for his valuable advice, friendship and inspiration.  Most importantly, he understands sock monkey power.

Artist Statement:

I am a contemporary outsider artist that believes in the healing properties of the natural environment. I paint landscapes in abstract as an expression of my connection with nature and its ability to provide me peaceful inspiration. As organisms on this earth I believe we are interconnected with nature and highly interdependent.

But as the psycho-social environment we live in today gets ever increasingly complex its effects on us are becoming more pervasive, corroding and sophisticated. However, the energy, peace and serenity of our natural surroundings can provide a way of grounding our senses and healing our minds. I try to capture the interrelationship between my mind and nature as I see and feel it; it’s an expression of my soul captured on a physical medium and in a point in time. Going through the process in itself contributes to balance.

Driven by my own lived experience, I am a self proclaimed arts-based advocate for mental health and strive to demystify and eliminate stigma around these issues. My initiatives in this regard include being the Vancouver Caucus leader for the Artist Alliance for Mental Health, a collective member of the artist-run Gallery Gachet in Vancouver and the Producer and Host of Sound Therapy Radio a peer oriented arts mental wellness show broadcasting on CJSF 90.1 FM and with VCommunity TV on Shaw Cable 4 Vancouver.

I have a true belief in human potential and in the statement; ‘art is a means for survival’.

J Peachy

SOURCE: Jay Peachy Gallery

Katarina Thorsen’s art event, hosted by Rebecca Rawlinson is on March 10, 2011 8-11 PM at the beautiful District 319 venue!

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