Evolution of a portrait of @RebeccaRaw

1. Start with the muse.  Watch her in process- before the event and during.   What’s her essence? What does she portray?

2. Have a source photo as the muse will not have time to sit (as she is hosting the event!):

3. Spend about 30 minutes painting (I call it drawing as I use oil pastel sticks and my fingers on canvas drenched in linseed oil).  No pre-planning.  Just do it:

Photo by Jon Rawlinson

4. Take the wet piece home and sit with it for about a day.

5. Spend 15 minutes finalizing.  Only that.  Let it go.  Let it be honest, not realistic.  Don’t worry about it.

6. Do a photo shoot with the muses and their respective portraits. (STAY TUNED!)

7. Send portrait off to its new home in California!

Love you ,Rebecca!


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