Interactive art and feedback from March 10th art event! Sharing time and space. #arttherapy

This event was born out of a conversation I had with my dear friend Diane Clement, who made me realize “YES, I CAN!”

What an evening of art and people supporting at-risk youth programs!  Here are photos of art created by participants in our mega-art therapy session!  I am also including feedback and my thank you’s below.

Host Rebecca working the room at the beautiful District 319 venue

In my art school (1980’s), teachers would not share their art work until the last day of the course so as not to influence us.  I have found that allowing people to be surrounded by my art and creative process seems to make people at ease and encourage self-expression.

If anything, tonight has made me, and others, want to get our paints and canvases out and just…do this. – Jocelyn Louise (March 10th art event)


Photo sources from Julia Kozlov, Jocelyn Louise, Jon Rawlinson, Jay Peachy, Rebecca Rawlinson, my own and others.  More photos to come!  Stay tuned!

1. I allowed people to work on some of my unfinished pieces.Here are some highlights.  Love it!

Dustin Jones, Jay Fisher



Frida by Oliver McTavish Wisden

2. My friend Jay Peachy shared his art including painting on Fabricio Borges!  I encourage you to go to jay’s site and learn more about this extraordinary human!

Art is a means of survival. – Jay Peachy

Documentarian Janelle Cara Huopalainen is doing a film about Jay and captured the entire evening!  Thanks, Janelle!

3. Rebecca Rawlinson not only hosted the night and had her portrait done, but shared her gorgeous business cards (featuring her photography) which are collectors items!

4. In the centre of the room we arranged a large group canvas piece for people to paint on.  Magical!

Team Stomp (Jasmine, Sam, Hannah, Ashleigh) by Jasmine Schuett

By Oliver McTavish Wisden

By Oliver McTavish Wisden

Blue and white bird by Roz M

Orange cat by Salted Lion


By @selinastarr

5. Vancouver artist, photographer, activist Julia Kozlov did a pre-event interview and documented the night.  See her blog post: MARCH 10 / KAT THORSEN SHOW

6. AWE-INSPIRING filmmaker, photographer Jon Rawlinson documented the night!  See photos at Rebecca’s blog: KAT’S ART EVENT AT DISTRICT 319!!!


I received some amazing feedback, and that certainly feels good!  But it’s not all about me- it’s about sharing time, space and art with you, my community!  Love you all!

Congratulations to Rebecca Bree Rawlinson and Kat Thorsen for hosting an amazing artistic experience. Best I’ve ever been to in Vancouver. I had an amazing time looking at all the work and being able to create my own. The food was fabulous, and the whole atmosphere was fun and beautiful. I can’t wait for future collaborations between you two.  My first Kat Thorsen event led me to being incredibly impressed, amazed and in awe of the whole experience. I have never been to an interactive art show – and it was fabulous. The atmosphered, layout, mediums to draw on, quality and variety of work exhibited were all though-out and done with full quality from a curating context. I am very excited for future events hosted by Rebecca Rawlinson x Kat Thorsen team. – Julia Kozlov

I am thrilled to live in a city, which offers programs such as Intersections Media. I wish more people knew that it existed so I’m doing my part to spread the news. – MC

Kat, that was incredible. So many people want to get their art supplies out. Me as well. – JL

Your show was amazing. It was nice to have you in the spotlight and not your amazing offspring. – CD

Finishing up at @katthorsen s art event! #amazeballs! #loveit! – HA

Looks like everyone is having a great time at @KatThorsen ‘s Art Show!! Yippee!! #prouddaughter – AT

@katthorsen love your passion for at risk students with your art dream, @shetoshic is completely supportive in any future work to help out!

At an amazing art event for @KatThorsen hosted by @RebeccaRaw wow!! What a wonderful display of incredible art!  Love it! – JR

What a great night last night !  The crowd, the food, the art work, the creativity, and event was really first class and enjoyable!  Kat- I’m proud of what you achieved last night….you put smiles on many peoples faces!  How rapidly you created the portrait painting left many of us in awe… – DA

What a FUN, MAGICAL NIGHT – [Kat] was AMAZING – the ‘instant’ picture of her friend and the friends paintings she unveiled – were SENSATIONAL – so REAL – they looked ALIVE. AND – her personal books of her work, and her many eclectic art pieces were unique.  She spoke so well and sincerely – she is a very special, warm, giving, talented young woman – D. and I have so much admiration for her and for [her two siblings] – Their mother is ‘beaming’ down at her “Mighty Trio” with pride! – Diane Clement

Pies para que los quiero, si tengo alas para volar (Frida) – CA

Amazing work! – RM

Fantastic! – CC

The amount of your own self you express in all your work is amazing.  You are a brilliant and revolutionary artist. – JK

Mamma skulle vara så glad i det här.  Fantastisk! – FT

What an amazing night you put on. My friends and I were so impressed by the venue, the set up and, mostly, your incredible talent. – IP

Thank you for everything I enjoyed myself so much. You are so awesome and thank you for sharing with us your time and energy. You have inspired me to want to do more with my life that is for sure. – DJ

Loved being there – you are awesome!!!!!! – LG

Wow, what an impressive night… congratulations, Kat! – BS


My muses (Rebecca Rawlinson, Jocelyn Louise, Jay Fisher) and I thank you for an incredible experience. The first of many!

Thank you’s to:

– Diane Clement whose support and encouragement a few months ago led to this event and to Doug whose wisdom, talent and eye always inspires me.

District 319 (Dahel Cox, Lynn Vince, Miguel Gomez, Louis, Lazarro and all the staff and crew) for their incredible venue, generosity, set up and support!!!

Intersections Media (incl. Selina) and my brother Fredrik for their inspiring youth program, for all the support, and for supplying great atmosphere and videos!  Thank you little brother for all you do!

– Marcia Fordyce-Coons of Copper Alley Cafe for providing such gorgeous food!  A hit!

– Rebecca for making this night a success and whose support has changed my life.

– Rick for helping with the art, for his general loveliness and for supplying his van!

– My mentor DA for showing me new ways of looking at myself and for challenging me.

– Jay Peachy for making everything seem possible!  (and Star, one of the most beautiful dogs in the world).

– Jainy, Ashleigh, Jasmine, Sam, Hannah and Julian for making the evening run so smoothly (and thank you, Julian for the soundtrack!)

– Jocelyn and Jay for being so inspiring and allowing me such freedom (and Jay for my blond hair!)

– Fabricio for his participation, enthusiasm and beauty.

– Julia Kozlov for her support, her interview, her coverage of the event and her activism.

– The Rawlinson family for their generous support.

– To my entire extended family for EVERYTHING!

– TO ALL OF YOU who participated, donated and who supported youth programs by buying art!

Well, that was AMAZING!!  What a night!  Let’s do it all over again!!

– Rebecca Rawlinson

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