Teaser #1 for June 26 interactive art event “Art Hairapy” at Suki’s! Poster features Chad Francouer

In partnership with SUKI’s, and hosted by Chad Francouer , my Sunday June 26, 2011 interactive art event: Art Hairapy at Suki’s on 16th and Granville, Vancouver BC!

Model: Chad Francouer

More details to come in the next weeks!

This event, in combination with Suki’s annual hair show is an interactive, experimental art experience to celebrate the therapeutic spot stylists hold in our lives.

Model: Chad Francouer

At the event, the subjects (the stylists at the salon) will be in attendance.

The attendees will finish the portraits during the event as part of a large interactive art therapy session celebrating ART “HAIRAPISTS”!!!

For more info see: ART HAIRAPY JUNE 26

Model: Chad Francouer

Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like.  

This post is dedicated to Jay Fisher.  MUCH LOVE.

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