‘heroes with heART’ June 23rd! Finish portraits like these of @RebeccaRaw and @ryansteeleshow

Rebecca Rawlinson 24″ x 40″ 

Vancouver is not a city famous for fashion and glamour, but it will be thanks to fabulous women like Rebecca Rawlinson. Rebecca directly deals with designer and luxury fashion and gets to fly to places like new NY to attend fashion shows. She also loves to post images from her favorite runway collections directly on the blog – so always stay tuned! Besides following recent runway shows and trends, Rebecca is an avid attendee of fabulous events in Vancouver, where she always shows up looking amazing and loves to take photos. Her blog is a unique place to visit because it is truly is one-stop place for all things designer and fashion both in Vancouver & globally. Make sure you continue to tune in to check up on local fashion and art related events in Vancouver, to stay on top of designer fashion trends, check out the local directory for designer and vintage fashion shopping in Vancouver and flip through photo documentation of Rebecca’s trips to different cities, the trends and clothes she spots and the different events she attends.

Ryan Steele 40″ x 60″

Ryan Steele is a local sketch comedian and bartender extraordinaire. He wrote and produced ‘The Ryan Steele Show’ for 3 1/2 years at 1181 and then the Odyssey. These days, Ryan is focussing on making comedy videos for his website (www.ryansteeleshow.com ) and producing a 2-man show with his comedy partner Amy Goodmurphy. Some of Ryan’s interests include his cats, working out, drinking vodka, cleaning, and getting attention. Ryan plans on being world famous very soon.       

Join the subjects June 23rd at District 319!!!  The evening runs from 8-11 PM and the group art therapy session will cost $15 Early bird! $20 after 9 PM per participant!  As you enter the workshop room, you’ll pay your fee and get a bracelet which allows in and out access and get two raffle tix!  There will be tons to do and see.  The fee includes a chance to win my original artwork!  There will be a full cash bar, delicious goodies by Copper Alley Cafe, lots of art to look at, I’ll be body painting, there will be tons of art supplies to use to finish the portraits that I have started.  DELISH!

***UPDATE! We’ve decided to auction off the 40″ x 60″ interactive portraits THE NIGHT of heroes with heART: Katarina Thorsen’s Interactive Portrait Event! Proceeds from these pieces go to Vancouver Friends For Life! About 5 of my smaller portraits will also be auctioned off during the evening, with part of proceeds benefiting Intersections Media as well as Kat’s youth at-risk art therapy program!

Julia Kozlov will be taking individual photos of the subjects and participants for Vancouver’s Inside Out Project.  The entire experiment will be filmed and I encourage YOU to talk about the creative process and how it all felt!  I can’t wait to see how the pieces evolve!

We are commemorating the anniversary of Stonewall, as it represents to me the power of the human voice to speak loud and be proud!  The subjects at my art event are all incredible individuals who embrace the beauty and variety of the human spirit.  And YOU get to meet them, work with them, celebrate them!


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Proud to announce that Copper Alley Cafe is a sponsor for this event!  Their incredible food will be available to sample!

Photo by Jon Rawlinson
Photo by Jon Rawlinson 
Photo by Jon Rawlinson

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