Barb Snelgrove and Charmaine Crooks! 2 fantastic heroes with heART! Meet them and paint on their portraits June 23rd!

  Barb Snelgrove

A long time fixture in Vancouver’s LGTB community, Barb Snelgrove has been a Board member  or volunteered for various charitable organizations such as the Vancouver Pride Society, Qmunity & the DMS. She currently sits on the Vancouver City Hall LGTBQ Advisory Committee (Chair of the Sub-committee on Creative Capital) sits on the Vancouver Police Dept. Diversity Advisory Committee and is a member of the Positive Living BC Red Ribbon Advisory Panel and The Diversity Project Advisory Committee.  Barb is the Communications Director for the 2011 Vancouver Outgames and writes a monthly column for LOV Magazine, one of Vancouver’s LGTB publications.  Barb was awarded the 2008 VPS Outstanding Community Member award, the 2010 Citizen of the Year Award from the Rhinestone Charitable Foundation & was the 2010 Vancouver Pride Parade Grand Marshal – Local Hero.  Better known as “megamouthmedia” you know her as the MC of many well known community events such as The Pride Festival stage, Numbers IDOL, Diorama, The annual Gathering Place block party and The Feud. 

What an experiment this portrait night will be!  heroes with heART such as Barb and Charmaine will be in attendance!

 The centre of the workshop room will be filled with art supplies, and all the participants  will interact with the subjects who are in attendance and paint on the unfinished pieces (which are 40″ x 60″) as a big group art session. It’s an experiment. How people finish the pieces is unknown! It’s about letting go and sharing. Finishing with colors, painting on clothes, throwing on glitter, writing words, conversing!

***UPDATE! We’ve decided to auction off the 40″ x 60″ interactive portraits THE NIGHT of heroes with heART: Katarina Thorsen’s Interactive Portrait Event! Proceeds from these pieces go to Vancouver Friends For Life! About 5 of my smaller portraits will also be auctioned off during the evening, with part of proceeds benefiting Intersections Media as well as Kat’s youth at-risk art therapy program!

Charmaine Crooks

 Charmaine is a five-time Olympian and Olympic Silver Medalist (LA ’84, 4X400m Relay) who represented Canada for close to 20 years in Athletics.  Charmaine is president and founder of NGU Consulting, a sports marketing, management and corporate consulting company, which provides strategic counsel and growth strategies to major corporations on a national and global basis.  BUT THERE’S SO MUCH MORE!

To find out more about Charmaine, watch this fabulous video:

The first portrait...
My first portrait of Charmaine is a little too serious! So I added glamour and her spectacular smile for the second one! Both will be available to paint on!

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