Beautiful people inside and out at the June 23rd interactive art event “heroes with heART”

Some people you meet immediately become your “kids.”

That’s what happened when I met my muses, Jocelyn and Jay:

Finish this 40" x 60" portrait of Jay and Jocelyn at the event! How will it evolve? Can't wait to see!!!

Little Jay Fisher epitomizes the spirit of the art event- where we celebrate our inner spirits and the rights we have to be OURSELVES!

Oil on birch wood 16" x 20"- a gift for Jay's mom, will be on display June 23!

Some people you meet immediately become your mentor.

That’s what happened when I met Tracey Bell:

I drew this quick drawing of Tracey when she invited me into her beautiful home for tea. She is one special human being and I am honored to have her be part of my event! Check out her show on June 19!

Some people are your heroes even before you meet them in person.

I am so excited to have Tiko Kerr participate in the celebration of heroes with heART!

I paint quickly and intuitively which I believe allows me to go to the deeper places within myself, making my paintings emotionally more authentic and engaging. If I want a painting to work, I touch upon something in my past, or something that is of importance to me, and miraculously that resonance comes across on the canvas. – Tiko Kerr

And some people inspire you by the work  and personality they present to the world:

My drawing of Lady Gaga (11" x 17") will be raffled off at the event! Your entry fee into the workshop gets you three raffle tickets for the chance to win original artwork!

For more info go to:

***UPDATE! We’ve decided to auction off ALL the 40″ x 60″ interactive portraits THE NIGHT of heroes with heART: Katarina Thorsen’s Interactive Portrait Event! Proceeds from these pieces go to Vancouver Friends For Life! About 5 of my smaller portraits, like the one featured here, will also be auctioned off during the evening, with part of proceeds benefiting Intersections Media as well as my youth at-risk art therapy program!

Teaser #4 featuring Tracey Bell at age 2!

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