Fillmore Family Reunion! A day with Mia More! @FillmoreFamily @trampolinah

My darling Mia More and I spent the afternoon at the Fillmore Family Reunion at UBC FARM.

So much fun!!!  Thank you Linda Fillmore et al for a fantastic afternoon!

My portrait of Linda Fillmore.
Mia approaches the gate! My goodness- this is serious business! Shuttle bus from the parking lot, security guards, first aid tent etc!
Made it through customs!
Main stage!
Mia making the rounds!
We ran into Lynn and Miguel from District 319!
Mia aces the ring toss!

Look at these treats from Mia I got today!  A Frida Kahlo book I didn’t have already(!!) and Mia’s fabulous zucchini bread!  YUM!


Zamora, M. (1990) Frida Kahlo- The Brush of Anguish, San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books

See you tomorrow, Mia! SOCK MONKEY TIME!

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