“Once it’s up, let it go.” #wheatpaste #streetart #downtowneastside

Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick
Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick

Most of the pieces remain untouched, even after several weeks, even after a year.

But some have been altered…

Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick

 … so we added back.

And we added more.

“Once it’s up, let it go.”  Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick

Maryellen cutting out my Dead Bird series

Dustin adding a bird to where his face used to be.
Megan is missing. Or her portrait is.
Megan adding a bird to the spot.
All that is left of Maryellen’s piece is a little tree.
Maryellen’s latest masterpiece finds the perfect spot.
By Maryellen Groundwater


Patti being pasted by Nancy Kirkpatrick
Megan adding dead bird to dumpster.
Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick

Maryellen adding dead bird to pipe.

Dustin touching up the sock monkey.
Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick
Mugshot, Molly’s Father.

Graphic Novel

Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick
Land of hopes and dreams, 1929. Molly’s uncle.
Maryellen pasting a dead bird.

Stay tuned for Pride 2012 Wheatpaste Campaign!


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