We’ve gone national!!! #Vancouver to #Toronto. #wheatpaste #streetart

4 portraits were pasted by my team in Toronto this morning!  WOOT!

Huge thank you to Matt and Owen:

“10:07 #wheatpaste cooling in the sink (a little burnt :/)”
“First up @ohemgee_bleh”
Jocelyn Louise
AJ Gonzales
“Tag team Jocelyn and AJ, Handiwork by Owen.”
Matt Roy
“Last, but not least, doing myself.”

Matt’s reflection:

So it was a pretty interesting experience. We were a bit nervous, mostly cause it was inside public domain and generally busy.

But no one said anything besides a little kid who kept gasping at us like we were doing something wrong (we were haha!).

Got some looks but we just nodded and kept on. Didn’t end up filming any video unfortunately as it got too complicated for us. Just took pics.

Thanks for the portraits. It was so much fun! I will keep you informed of their evolutions 🙂

 M x


“11:30 destroying the evidence.”

A little Vancouver session happened yesterday as well, thanks to Maryellen:

“Just Jo”


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