Saying Thank You through #streetart #wheatpaste

This post is dedicated to all the staff and students of Keith Lynn Alternative Secondary School

Alicia and I began the process of saying thank you and goodbye to a special place by covering it with our art… This building will be torn down.

This is where I worked with so many incredible students and staff.  New chapters have started for everyone. But it felt important for Alicia and I to go back.  We are following a call to add to the dialogue.  This is just a small start:

Empty quiet halls…

See more about our wheatpaste art:

China Marker Bowie and other portraits

Portrait: Jacqueline

Latest updates

This is how we do it

Once it’s up, let it go

Something this fun has got to be illegal!

Beauty in the deterioration…

Joe Average

Wide-eyed with a twist of the lips

Mia More in the morning

While I stand on the roadway…

Walking the streets of dreams

Evolution of a wheatpaste: Justine

Beauty in the deterioration Part 2

Do you know what it takes…?

We’ve gone national!

The Social Life hits the streets!

Walking the streets of dreams wall is growing

Fierce beauty: Cassandra and Shokra

Smith, K. (2007) The Guerilla Art Kit, New York, NY: Princeton Architectural Press 


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