Order your street art style portrait!

Many have been asking how they can get a street art portrait done by me!!!

Now you can sign up here via my ETSY shop to have your portrait done by me for $100 only! (plus shipping)

I do them in newsprint with china marker and acrylic highlights.

The original will be sent to you. I fold the newsprint when I ship it. Stickers of your portrait will be slapped up and prints will be pasted in Vancouver, San Francisco, Toronto etc! It’s addictive fun!

Once you sign up, you email me 3 photos and I interpret that way. I have creative license so just let go and enjoy the process! You can also include your favorite word or phrase or whatever you would like to tell the world as I blog the results! You’ll be tweeted, instagrammed, Facebooked, pasted, slapped etc. But you will own the original (18″ x 24″ china marker and acrylic on newsprint).

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  1. Evan Voyageur says:

    I really enjoyed your blog; definitely going to tab this 🙂

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