“Drawing on Pain” at Espana Gallery closing early due to protests from tenants.


It as an interesting experiment to have “Drawing on Pain” exhibited in a lobby gallery. Experiment has to end early as some tenants are expressing concern over the subject matter and have asked that the show be taken down. Understood. Thank you, The Espana Gallery, for the opportunity while it lasted!

The show will end Sept 22.  I just received this message from the curator:

“Unfortunately, tomorrow I have to take your work down from the Espana. The manager has called me to say that a group of people are offended by the nudity, language , etc. And they won’t back off of him. One of these people is the strata council so they are really pressuring him. I have my own thoughts about this, but I don’t really have a choice at this point. I apologize.” 


DRAWING ON PAIN exhibits my personal therapeutic process as I utilize art to help me process the difficult challenges I have encountered (and continue to encounter) in my life– such as divorce, cancer, my friends’ suicides, financial struggles and planning the road ahead.  I call myself a Kahloist and often find it healing to utilize the image of Frida Kahlo to express that internal pain for me.   By facilitating the need for self-expression through drawing, I lighten the load in my heart.



Drawing is the honesty of the art. – Salvador Dali






DRAWING ON PAIN Aug 29- Oct 13, 2013


689 Abbott Street, Vancouver BC



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