A letter home. November 1, 1968

Recall the package of letters I received from my mom and dad’s friends in Sweden.  LINK

Letters are among the most significant memorial a person can leave behind them. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Today I look at the first one… A letter from my mom to Rolf and Eivor dated November 1, 1968.  We moved from Sweden to Canada (the first time) October 31, 1968.  My mom was 32 at the time.

Leaving Sweden, October 1968
Leaving Sweden, October 1968 Mom (Karin), Anders (oldest), Baby Fredrik, Dad (Roar), Katarina (Nina)



Some excerpts [approximate translation]:

Ah, so here we are.  Dang it is sad to not be able to run back and forth to drink coffee with you all day.  [Our two families lived next to each other on Råbäcksgatan in Grums, Sweden]  Alas, one has the habit instilled…  

We were at our new house today.  It’s beautifully situated below a mountain…

I bought a washer and dryer today as there is no basement…

The neighbor came over with coffee today and I guess she is my age (18)…  

Fredrik swears like a chimney sweep and Nina looks at me all worried and claims that Auntie Eivor taught him…

You’re coming on Saturday, right?  The trip went well and I wasn’t too scared, but God, I am tired.  We traveled for 24 hours…


letter 2


… Anders and Nina were allowed to visit the captain on the way to Amsterdam.  O’boy that was really something for Anders…

What do Ann-Christine and Niklas say?  Katarina speaks of them as if she will see them tomorrow.

The kids are starting school on Monday.  Nina played with a five year old today and Roar laughed because Nina asked her, “Can you hopping?” because they were going to jump rope.  

She makes up her own words, and it seems to work…

Oh, how I am going to miss home.  O’boy but you are coming next summer.  It’s so damn beautiful here and lots to see and do.   


  1. I have a box of postcards from my late uncle and have not yet got round to addressing them, thanks for sharing this, makes me want to start! I think remembering the past and the things that mattered is really important. This letter extracts tells me your mothers cared about watching her young grow, and having friends to share this with. Thanks for sharing! Xs

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