To mark our one year anniversary at @bypoststreet, we launch a new crowdsourcing campaign on @indiegogo!

@bypoststreet was first conceived on Feb 12, 2013.  In a year, my daughter and I have created three limited edition t-shirt collections, hosted several successful art events in Vancouver and San Francisco and laid the foundation to become a house hold brand name known for pushing the envelope of art and design.  It’s been an extraordinary experience so far!

It is time to develop the new product line and solidify our company branding to expand our international presence and we need your help!  

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Today we launch a 45-day Indiegogo Campaign to raise $5000 in order to fine tune the brand and create our next apparel collection. We had an incredible first year of developing the company, but we now find ourselves at a crossroads.

Read more at: bypoststreet on Indiegogo


Read more at: Feb 12 newsletter and @bypoststreet

Huge thank you to all our mentors, team, and supporters!

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