Sacred Contracts Journaling Exercise Part 2 of 8: where are your energy leaks?


Biography becomes biology. – Caroline Myss





We are tapping into our calling, our purpose, our joy in this SACRED CONTRACTS journal series.  It is inspired by Caroline Myss.  The journal series is  an experiment on my part, and I welcome you to join along.  Recall Part 1: Future and Present where we took time to look at where we would like to be, and where we are in this moment.

In this exercise, I would like you to focus on your body.  Where do you feel your energy leaking in those moments where you experience extreme fatigue, or anxiety, or joylessness, or just plain meh.  Is there a location on your body where you tend to feel more physical symptoms than other parts of your body?  Does the location change?


Throughout my childhood, youth and marriage, I would be doubled over every evening with severe stomach cramps.  The kids called it mom stomach.  I called it stomach migraines as did many doctors over the years.

As my marriage dissolved and I started searching for ways to cope, I felt comfort in looking at chakra charts.  Myss’s book Anatomy of the Spirit was a life raft during that time.  My mother and I loved discussing Myss’s concept of biography becomes biology.  We explored sources of mom’s arthritis (trust issues she felt), Dad’s bladder cancer, etc.


Certainly my pleaser-anxious-low self-esteem-caregiver personality searching for my own voice had a lot to do with those evening stomach aches.  What released them was being fully myself in my art and with my two children.

Looking at the drawing I made above (click on it for larger image), I see that teetered between the SACRAL and the SOLAR PLEXUS.

During my coming-of-age and adolescence and sexual awakening, I experienced a recurring and over time aggressive parotid gland tumor that threatened my facial nerve.  To speak, to express.  I longed to have my own voice.  That voice developed fully in my art and as a mother.  And small remnants of the tumor sit quietly.

It’s just plain helpful for self-focus to play with the chakra charts.  Many of you that know me know that I have done YEARS of self-exploration and work.  I am no longer doubled over with stomach aches.

The stress over the past few years (financial, parents dying, career development etc.)  have manifested in different forms and now my most typical focus for my energy leaks is my heart.  20140602-084524-31524209.jpg

That is likely why I developed my esteem heart exercise!  We do not need to fear energy leaks.  We need to listen.  To explore.

So take some time to journal/draw on where you tend to lose energy.  Where your physical ailments are in this moment.

Take some time to focus on your SELF.

Stay tuned for Part 3: WHAT MASK DO YOU WEAR?


I often channel “Little Enid” by Daniel Clowes when I self-identify/draw myself in my mind maps.

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  1. Drew Joseph says:

    Hi, Kat Thorsen:

    I am loving your Art Blog!

    I can’t remember how I first discovered your online stuff, but I remember watching a video about your father in the facility (?) where he was living. It moved me. When I was at Naropa Institute I remember meeting poets there who, liked you, did projects with different groups of marginalized people. But they were not therapists of any sort. And what I witnessed of their work I found more “therapeutic” than anything I’d encountered under the banner of art therapy. So I think it’s especially cool that you are not a registered art therapist.

    Even though I myself am a licensed marriage & family therapist! Go figure.

    Anyway, your illustration style is totally cool. I wish I could do a workshop with you and your by post street friends. I like your sacred contracts post. While you mention Daniel Clowes, this whole series (the initial “define” image especially) puts me in mind of Alison Bechdel. Which I mean as a compliment! Although now I am recalling times when an artist told me he hated being compared to Big Name artists. Nonetheless, I love your style, which is a pleasing blend of graffiti, comic, tattoo, and fashion illustration all at once. Oh, and the layout of your blog is über-hip, too. Love the blood-red all-caps titles. Wish I could do what you do.

    Anyway, that’s all. I have been admiring your stuff from afar here in Washington, DC. Thought it was time I told you so. And I’m interested in your little boy photos, because I’m a parent and that’s a big part of my life. Mine are 14 (boy) and 11 (girl) now.

    More power to you,


    1. Kat Thorsen says:

      What a delightful message to receive. I truly appreciate your kind words and insight. My nephew is 2.5 and awaiting his sister and second now! My kids (daughter and son) are in their late 20’s! I’m glad I started young! And I am really elated to be connecting with people like you via my blog. Social media has truly empowered me and the work I do! I am expanding my work to take to cities like SFO and NYC and globally South Africa etc. I am def interested in bringing my curriculum to Washington DC! I’ll keep you posted! Thanks for the message (and the comparison to Alison Bechdel)! Take care and keep in touch!

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