Join the ‘100 Faces’ Street Art Project for instalment 1 of my graphic novel.

He brushed the leaves aside and uncovered the most baffling double murder Vancouver has ever had. – The Vancouver Province April 15, 1953

Molly, my graphic novel, is not just an illustrated work of creative non-fiction, nor is it simply about one cold case- it is a Vancouver story.  It belongs to the people of Vancouver.  

I am presenting my work in 5 instalments as a broadsheets in newspaper form.

You can read more at: PREVIEW and GRAPHIC NOVEL POSTS


As part of Instalment 1 Exposition, I am creating a new street art wall in the city of Vancouver of 100 real people to represent the soul of the city.

Sample drawing. China marker on newsprint, I am indebted to photographer, Vivian Maier, for inspiring my work.

The 100 faces will be cut out and collaged together and wheatpasted on January 15, 2015, the 62nd anniversary of the discovery the skeletons in Stanley Park.  The wall image will appear in instalment 1 as part of setting the scene for telling the story.

I am inviting YOU to add your face and to be part of the wall and thus be part of the graphic novel!

For $20, you will be drawn in my signature style and the original portrait will become part of the 100 faces wall.  I will email you a photo of your portrait.  I will also share your image on my blog and my social media sites as the process develops and your name will appear in acknowledgments.  I will also send out the invite for the wheatpaste session on January 15 in case you are in the Vancouver area!

All ages are encouraged.

To become a part of my project, you email me your photo of choice


and you can pay via:

Or email transfer to





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