What the sock pigs taught me…

This past Sunday morning- hanging out on Vancouver Island, my 4 friends and I had a hankering to create sock pigs.  There is such magic in sitting around the dining room table at my friends’ house, surrounded by crafting supplies creating.  We laugh, we go deep, we eat, we drink coffee, we share time.  It […]


THE @BYPOSTSTREET ART HOUSE GLOBAL: Creative Director, Anna Thorsen LOCAL: Art Director, Kat Thorsen (Vancouver BC) MISSION: To awaken creative expression VISION: To develop global art initiatives Art Events, Street Art, Apparel, Curriculum Development, Workshops, Workbooks, Speaker Series, Craftivism, Illustration, Portraiture, Documentaries, Graphic Novels PRESENTS Curriculum Development Series 1: The @BY POSTSTREET Sock Monkey Life Skills and Entrepreneurship Program for youth […]

A day of creativity with Darcy Glip!

Spent an amazing day with Darcy yesterday creating and chatting and eating in his beautiful new space.  Reconnecting with old friends is very healing. Find the recipe at: I added a few things, Tandoori spice to the onions near the end of cooking as well as crumbled pecans. Instead of dijon mustard I used a […]

Visual experimentation Part 4. Redo, Transform: ALTER #BATMAN

Recall: Saturday visual experimentation Part 1 Saturday visual experimentation Part 2 Saturday visual experimentation Part 3 As mentioned in part 1, I’m experimenting with using a pre-existing book as a journal.  I’m using: Tales of the Batman by Tim Sale. On today’s re-done, transformed page, I used black and white china marker and red acrylic and was inspired by […]