A Lecture Upon the Shadow: an evening of collaboration on the #graphicnovel with @RickLegalPhotos and co.

A LECTURE UPON THE SHADOW. by John Donne December 3, 2012 was an evening of collaboration as Jocelyn Louise and Jay Fisher recreated 1947 and main characters from my graphic novel as they were photographed by the extraordinary photographer, Rick Legal, and as the entire process was documented by photographer and colleague, Nancy Kirkpatrick. The book will include […]

Josh Langston does D.W “Held in a spell… stabbed like a driven nail.” @darylswhite’s #porcupineology

Josh Langston of The Social Life models D.W Fashion. Designer: Daryl White Clothing creation & modification from recycled fabrics into original unique clothing pieces that are a reflection of major influences in pop culture, and also influenced by past – present – and future fashion market trends… He was always cold, but the land of gold […]

#Tearsheets, #Streetart, #Vancouver and @VanRagazine!

Huge thank you to V-Rag Magazine, Cole Johnston and Matthew Roy for an amazing article in the SEPTEMBER 2012 issue and for the honor of appearing in this wonderful publication! Vancouver’s Gay Arts & Culture Rag V-Rag is a free monthly publication available in shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and salons around the West End, Downtown, […]

These three hours that we have spent.. two shadows went along with us… #graphicnovel photoshoot w. @RickLegalPhotos

Recall Photoshoot Dec 3, 2012: A Lecture Upon the Shadow Here are some MEGA TASTY treats from Rick Legal. As an artist/researcher/behavior evidence analyst, these photos fill every cell of my being with joy!  It is wonderful to allow a fellow artist the freedom to do his work within the context/limits of a vision.  Extraordinary. […]

The Babes in the Wood study #graphicnovel

The Babes in the Wood [1] My dear do you know, How a long time ago, Two poor little children, Whose names I don’t know, Were stolen away On a fine summer’s day, And left in a wood, As I’ve heard people say, Poor Babes in the Wood! Poor Babes in the Wood! Oh! don’t […]