Dear Camille, I regret…

Dear Camille, Today is your birthday. I open my journal to share something with you. We met in dance class at university in 1983. We found our way to each through dance, through arts and crafts, through books, through pie.  And through letters. We intertwined our bodies in the studio and on stage. I regret […]

Creative engagement to energize and foster growth

— Why do I  love utilizing creative engagement so much?  Well, let’s be honest, I don’t think I really know any other way to engage participants!  But seriously, what I truly love about it is that it creates an “active workspace dedicated to real-time creative activity to energize observers and encourage a different take on […]

I asked them to draw themselves as a superhero…

I was doing graphic recording and co-facilitating a workshop for frontline staff at a residential living facility in Toronto last week. The focus of the workshop was Interdependence of Community Engagement in Residential Living, with key facilitator Beverley Pomeroy. We mind mapped so much with this group that we had to double/triple layer the large wall mind map! […]

Being ace, full of peACE

In October 2016, I wrote:  On October 3, 2016 I wrote: Opening up to defining myself as ace and what that means to me feels relieving right now. • I have found my identity that really explains to me who I am now. • Life is fluid and so am I. • Every stage of my life has […]

See you at #SKiP 2017 June 23-24! @sketchapractice

I’m so excited and honored to be hosting two sessions at SKETCHING IN PRACTICE (SKiP) 2017 June 23-24, 2017 at SFU’s Goldcorp Centre! SKETCHING IN PRACTICE (SKiP) is a two-day symposium that explores the construction of meanings through sketching. In 2016 we brought in scholars and practitioners from diverse backgrounds to explore the question, What […]

First line… let’s go.

Recall:  I sit now surrounded by my manuscripts, references, inspiration and pressing fingertips to keys and (re)typing.  (Re)COMMITMENT!  This version will be from the pelvis.  First chakra shit. Yesterday, I posted: Start again. Put China markers and socks and threaded needles down. Write, bitch, write. There is no beginning.  I’ve tried to invent one but it […]

Group mind mapping: RJ as a pedagogical tool @SFU

  — On March 30, 2016, I took the  Criminology 315 (CRIM 315) students at the Simon Fraser University Burnaby Campus (teacher: Associate Professor and director of the Center for Restorative Justice, Brenda Morrison) through an in depths mind mapping process as they reflected on their understanding and learning during the course. CRIM 315 is […]

Naked Ladies Naked Ladies Naked Ladies, by Lynda Barry (Real Comet Press, 1984)

Recall my obsession with my superhero, Lynda Barry.  Well, the obsession rages on, fueled by the newest addition to my collection: OMG.  It’s spectacular.  Each page is a full-page playing card  illustration of Lynda’s exploration of female body images. Along the bottom of each page runs a classic Lynda Barry storyline.  Charming, funny, tragic.  It starts […]

#LyndaBarry is in town! @ideaprogram

Lo and behold, my greatest hero, Lynda Barry, is in town. I am a tad overwhelmed to say the least.  She is always my inspiration.  My idol.  My number one.  The greatest- PERIOD. One of the most successful alternative American cartoonists, Lynda Barry has blazed many trails over her 30 year career. Best known for her Ernie Pook’s Comeek about […]

Tattooing- step 2: testing it out!

Recall my posts: the purchase of a tattoo machine, getting to know the machine, tattooing- taking it seriously, and Tattooing Step 1: plug it in. Since I got my machine, my schedule has not allowed me the time to play with my machine.  Too many other things on the go.  But I now have a wonderful student, Simon, […]

Creativity Workshop with Lynda Barry

1. WRITING TO REMEMBER AUDIO ON YOUTUBE IN SEVERAL PARTS Creativity, imaginary friends, writing, memory, inspiration, mental health, the importance of play… I’m actually digging menopause by the way… At the centre of any artwork we do there is something alive… 2. DOODLE YOUR WAY OUT OF WRITER’S BLOCK RADIO INTERVIEW ON NPR “When it comes to […]