Molly- a true crime analysis

Currently in a new development phase and therefore the online graphic novel is now set to private.

Thanks for your support!  

Stay tuned. Love, Katarina 

… a crime analysis to determine the general characteristics of the most likely suspect for the crime. – Henry Lee, Crime Scene Investigation (1994)


    1. Thanks for your kind words. I’ll look up location in my notes later today and get back to you! Please send me reminder tomorrow if I haven’t messaged you back by the evening!

  1. I became aware of your Molly project cause I’m a German scholar researching crime comics, and I found your drawings excellent and the project as a whole very appealing. I thought it’s exciting to be able to keep track of your creative process, so I’m a bit dissapointed to see the material vanish now.
    But OK, you have your reasons for your decision, and I have to accept that. Keep up with your work and greetings from Germany!


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