“Fear No Art” Documentary. A 20 year inquisition w. filmmaker Patti Henderson

I am so honored to be working with filmmaker Patti Henderson as we revisit a project started twenty years ago. “Fear No Art” Documentary. A 20 year inquisition. by Patti Henderson The documentary will address protests that occurred back in 1991 and my reflections on my art 20+ years later.  We are diving in now…

20 years ago my art was protested. #art and #politicalcorrectness #thenineties #Iamreadytorevisit!

Was I wrong?  Was I right?  All I know is that what’s right is FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION- for protestor, supporter, artist alike. Click on image to enlarge. This week I’ll be posting more of my 1990’s portfolio pics, articles and art stamps.