ART and creative expression breaks down the barriers, builds connection and resiliency, and strengthens the participants’ abilities in making healthy decisions about their futures.  Participation in therapeutic art programming provides participants with the opportunity for developing healthy relationship skills, learn stress and anger management, and build the confidence to be the best possible versions of themselves.  Art connects us beyond language.  We connect with the heart, within a safe space.  We express together and move towards healing.


In the summer of 2017 I created several sponsored 20″ x 30″ panels entitled the 100 Herons Project.

THE SPONSORED ART allowed me to develop and provide FREE ART LESSONS for REFUGEE YOUTH from war-torn countries at a Lower Mainland program.

Funds went to program development and facilitation fee, art supplies, art kits for participants, travel costs.

 You are being called to take courage and follow your true path, which will be discovered through exploring your inner self.  Find what draws you to action. – Message of the HERON


The art was drawn in my signature style– collaged onto 20″ x 30″ foam board panels and embroidered with additions of discarded nest sticks, found feathers, string, beads, and included sponsor names/special messages (if requested).

The panels were interactive- added to by my students in many programs and community members (ages ranging from 5 to 105!)


Panel 1

Photo 2017-06-12, 12 52 01 PM

Photo 2017-06-12, 12 49 41 PM

Photo 2017-06-12, 12 50 16 PM

Photo 2017-06-12, 12 50 35 PM

Photo 2017-06-12, 12 50 50 PM

Photo 2017-06-11, 4 51 46 PM


[Sponsor: anonymous]


[Sponsor: Terry Cowan]

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 10.45.18 AM

SOLD Panel 2 [Sponsor: Kitty Mykka]

Photo 2017-07-24, 12 19 14 PM

SOLD Panel 3 [Sponsors: Teri Taylor and Bayview School]

 Panel 4 [Sponsor: Robin Folvik]

DONATED Panel 5 [Sponsors: Michele Lilyanna, Sarah Jackman,Laura Mack]

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 11.02.39 AM

Photo 2017-08-03, 11 21 39 AM
DONATED Panel 6 sponsored by Hailey Findlay Black, Parmida Afsahi and Jessica Sloan.  Embellished with feathers and yarn by resident at Mulberry PARC (retirement and assisted living) art class.  Panel has been donated to the Mulberry.

Panel 6
DONATED Panel 7 [Sponsored by Anonymous. Dedicated to Cheryl Bain and her class]
DONATED Panel 8 [Sponsored by Matthew Roy]


HUGE THANK YOU TO DONORS! You are helping me spread the healing power of art through the image of the heron! Much love!