Fave art piece recall of the day “Church and Wheatfield”

This old piece, Church and Wheatfield (acrylic on canvas), proudly belongs in the Where Are They Now category of my catalogue.  Perhaps it will turn up when I empty the vault for the big art event/garage sale!  I’ll keep you posted!

5minuteHBpencilnoeraser backofanindexcard portrait no.29- Kate

My immigrant saga through #portrait #journal #literature

My family’s story is an Immigrant Saga.  I often wonder what life would have been like had my parents not taken the huge leap of faith and moved us from Sweden to Canada (and back to Sweden then back to Canada).  I may soon return to my journal/painting series I worked on in the early…

Checking in with my mentor. She gave me homework #dreams #listen. I give you a small gift. #art

I chatted with my mentor, Solvig, tonight and we both are in agreement that something is “brewing.”  She assured me that all is as it should be, and my anxiety is actually “ants in the pants” while the next chapter starts. Tonight I am to spray some of my angel-mom’s favorite perfume as I go…

Lost paintings, emptying the vault, clearing the mind for live #artevent

No idea if these pieces still exist!  Even though I have a ton of stuff filling an expensive storage room, my moods and moves tend to purge artwork ruthlessly.  It’s freeing to get rid of them, but then when I find them on an old CD, I get a twinge of regret. I’m preparing for…

Quick sketching on index cards of @RebeccaRaw for upcoming live portrait! #artevent

VISIT REBECCA’S BLOG!  REBECCA RAWLINSON Looking at old pieces and thinking about how to do the live portrait: LIVE EVENT HAPPENING SOON: Live portrait of Rebecca by me, interactive art stations, new portraits of fabulous people in my life, food, drinks and silent-auction event of my art!  YES- I’M CLEARING OUT THE VAULT!  STAY TUNED!

“Let the ugly out” #TheSketchbookProject as #arttherapy- I recommend it!!!

THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT 2011 TOUR I really recommend this- you order a sketchbook, it arrives, you add when you feel like, mail by the deadline and share with the world!  There is a beautiful camaraderie/community to it and all levels of abilities can join.  It simply is a beautiful experience!  And your art tours and…

THE END #TheSketchbookProject pages 36-39 #LyndaBarry #arttherapy

THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT 2011 TOUR Theme: And Then There Was None Pages 36-39 and cover December 30, 2010 9 AM New Year approaches fast now and my head swims with to-do lists and the knowledge that I have to find a way to market myself that reflects what I need to make.  Never mind the concept…

Write and read anything… #TheSketchbookProject pages 33-35 #arttherapyforone

THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT 2011 TOUR Theme: And Then There Was None Pages 33-35 December 28, 2010 Write and read anything… Wasting prisoner went down stealing. He needs to get away so we allowed the watermelon to hide. I see a chance. And he smile and answer all calm. Monkey.  Thousand.  Choice. Invent tales. His choices need…

@peeweeherman #TheSketchbookProject page 32 #childhood

THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT 2011 TOUR Theme: And Then There Was None Page 32 December 26, 2010 For links to pages 1-31 go to LINK

December on Purpose #TheSketchbookProject pages 29-31 #arttherapy #journal

THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT 2011 TOUR Theme: And Then There Was None Pages 29-31 December 26, 2010 The therapeutic power of journaling stream of consciousness –> reduce anxiety. Note: the antique book pages were purchased on ETSY from DIGITAL EXPRESSIONS & ARTFUL PAPERS! For links to pages 1-28 go to LINK

5minute6Bpencilnoeraser backofanindexcard portrait no.27- Calvin

5minute6Bpencilanderaser backofanindexcard portrait no.26- @Kris_Carr!

UPDATE JAN 15, 2011! CONGRATS KRIS on the launch of your new book: — There are people in our lives that can say just what we need to hear when we need to hear it… One of those people, for me, is Kris Carr.  Kris Carr is my role model/mentor and her books and DVD got…

Grace, Xmas cookies and @trampolinah #TheSketchbookProject pages 27-28

THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT 2011 TOUR Theme: And Then There Was None Pages 27-28 December 21, 2010 To see pages 1-26 see LINK

5minute6Bpencilnoeraser backofanindexcard portrait no.25- Pug

Just sold a sock pug to Colorado! Each of my POST STREET ETSY orders includes an original pencil sketch and this was today’s sketch…

Woman-Artist-Pain-Power. The #FridaKahlo series.

Frida Kahlo is an icon and muse that I return to again and again.  I am infused by Frida and I consider myself a Kahloist.  She epitomizes the artist and woman in pain.  As I was going through my divorce, I was driven to draw Frida as a child.  The medium I chose (or it…

Capturing dance in 2-D…

My colleague asked me to sketch her niece, Laura Ward- founder of Octavia Cup Dance Theatre, New York. Founded in 1998, Laura Ward/Octavia Cup Dance Theatre is an all female, contemporary ballet company devoted to highlighting the dynamic strength of women. The choreography and staging challenge both the dancers and the audience to delve a little…

5minute7Bpencilnoeraser backofanindexcard portrait no.24- Jainy

5minute6Bpencilnoeraser backofanindexcard portrait no.23- Derek

5minute6Bpencilnoeraser backofanindexcard portrait no.22- Jocelyn

5minute6Bpencilnoeraser backofanindexcard portrait no.21- Fabricio

What a night! Fa* Friday at @Oasisondavie- it was all about the FANS

Jay, Carlitos and Fabricio performed last night with DJ Adam Dreaddy at the controversially named FAG FRIDAYS at the OASIS on Davie Street in Vancouver.  I had the pleasure of painting 10 giant fans last week (see some details below) for the venue as decor and spending last evening getting the boys ready for the…

5minute6Bpencilnoeraser backofanindexcard portrait no.20- Carlitos

Remembering my Grandfather’s war experience in a handmade birthday card.

Birthday card to my dad from my grandpa and Norwegian soldiers (in German concentration camp) Aug 8, 1942.

Some highlights from #VancouverArtGallery (@VanArtGallery) visit

My colleague, Sara, and I took 13 students to the Vancouver Art Gallery for an all-day field trip on November 3, 2010.  It was an incredible time, all of us happily soaking up art (once we got the guided tour out of the way)! Highlights for me: Robert Adams: The Place We Live, A Retrospective Selection…

Lost Elizabeth I studies

My love of Elizabeth I and all things Shakespearean led to LOTS of art in the early 2000’s.  Here are some LOST pieces that only exist on CD now.  Not sure where they are:

Saying goodbye by burning my art

Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean. – Maya Angelou In 2003 as I went through massive transitions in my personal life-  that included both loss and gains, heartaches and liberation- I purged by burning old pieces in a bonfire.  LIBERATING!!! These pieces…

Personal mythology

The discovery of her own myth allows an artist to paint out of the deepest recesses of the self. – S. R. Udall

2 new drawings by Roar

As my father, Roar, keeps drawing, his drawings keep expanding and charming me.  I am loving the folk art quality of his work now.  To see Roar’s book project go to: THE OLD APPLE TREE

When the school closes, I’m taking the art therapy door with me!

All my students are special.  All of them are creative.  Many of my students are beyond talented.  Some are genius.  I was admiring my door again today, painted by Alicia Love.

The Gift of a Lifetime…. a Fundraiser for David Ius’s CCSVI Treatment

I had a marvelous time tonight reuniting with old friends to support the amazing cause: The Gift of a Lifetime…. a Fundraiser for David Ius’s CCSVI Treatment.  This night was created by David’s (and his ex-wife, my BFF, Cheryl’s) beautiful kids–  Jennifer, Meghan and Matthew.  It was a glorious evening full of incredible family and…

San Francisco in October!

I plan to start my SKETCHBOOK PROJECT on my much anticipated CREATIVITY-INPUT-MOM-DAUGHTER trip to San Francisco! The trip will include a visit to The Centre for Young Women’s Development.

“Sunday morning,” 2006 (collage)

Fabulous Jay!

I love painting on Jay- it soothes the soul!

I LOVE CHINA MARKER. Especially the great colour selection from @Utrecht_Art!

I adore using China Marker.  It has the give and control I like in charcoal but without the mess.  The graphic novel quality to the mark making is appealing.  With practice, you can use eraser to create highlights and a smudging stick for shadowing, smoothing etc.  At present I am enjoying limiting the palette to…

SKin is IN!

I had a great time last night at Gallery Gachet!  Here are some samplings of my watercolor tattooing and other highlights from the night! Artist’s Statement: So how does a body art event tie into mental health? I would like to think that being comfortable in one’s Skin is a mental health concern and the…

Preparing for exhibit…

The muse has struck and I am excited to embark on large charcoal portraits for my “Blue J” exhibit in Fall/Winter 2010-11!  Gathered info yesterday on “Jocelyn”… next up is “Jay”…

First in series of twelve 24X30 China Marker on Foam Core Portraits

Creativity is so messy!!!

ARTICLE: Study finds messy desks site of creative sparks, Vancouver Sun April 9, 2006 You’ve seen it. You may even be the proud (or not-so-proud) owner of one. With stacks of papers, an explosion of post-it notes, scattered office supplies and a few industry magazines that date back to the early ’90s, a messy desk…

5minute7Bpencilnoeraserbackofanindexcard portrait #8- Alex

5minute7Bpencilnoeraserbackofanindexcard portrait #7- Hafiza

5minute7Bpencilnoeraserbackofanindexcard portrait #6- Diane

5minute7Bpencilnoeraserbackofanindexcard portrait #5- Benson

5minute7Bpencilnoeraserbackofanindexcard portrait #4- Clay

5minute7Bpencilnoeraserbackofanindexcard portrait #3- Syren Song

5minute7Bpencilnoeraserbackofanindexcard portrait #2- Tasha

5minute7Bpencilnoeraserbackofanindexcard portrait #1- Brad

Their Eyes Were Watching God

Recommended Reading: THEIR EYES WERE WATCHING GOD Zora Neale Hurston wrote her masterpiece, “Their Eyes Are Watching God”, in Haiti in 1937.