Journal entry April 16, 2018 San Jose Airport

Journal entry April 16, 2018 San Jose Airport [unedited]

It is so odd to take time out from the trajectory of every day in these journeys… to get off the tracks so to speak.  The experience both relaxes the brain, and creates unease.  You feel like you spend too much money and you are wondering about day to day reality, but you also give yourself to the situation and throw caution to the wind.  

Does it shake off the cobwebs?  This importance of eating well, looking at new things, and INPUT before gearing up to hustle when back home.  

But what if I RELAX into the RETURN as well?  NOT worry about it.  TRUST and FLOW and let the sand sift through the fingers?  Just release.  

Not only trust that others are allies, but that LIFE is an ALLY.

Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca

Burr, Washington, Jefferson, King George sock monkeys. Hamilton in my heart.

I had planned to be in New York City on July 28th this summer, sitting at the Rogers Theatre with my daughter celebrating, watching Hamilton, the Musical.  We would have just completed two days of sock monkey workshops at Graham Windham with children and families (Eliza Hamilton’s orphanage).  I was going to bring my sock monkeys of the entire main cast of the musical.

Sadly, fate/destiny/universe had other plans.  I didn’t get the gigs I expected to have over the summer and as of May, I found myself all of a sudden struggling again to get by.  Dang.  More setbacks and lack of consistent work made things even harder.

And so the tickets were sold and plans changed.  And I admit, I don’t think it hit me till today how truly heartbroken I am.  But that is OK.

What I get from Hamilton is not about going to the show itself.  It is about the creative process.  It is about art about history.  It is about the healing power of art.  And the tenacity of art.  I have been creating every day.  For I am an artist with no choice.  That is what I love about Hamilton and that dream hasn’t died.  The message of the creation of Hamilton lives in my heart.

So today, as part of my studio clearance, raising funds and letting go, I have decided to release 4 of my sock monkeys and regroup.  Start fresh.  Blast the soundtrack.  Surrender. And like Lin and Alexander, write my way out.


Photo 2017-08-27, 6 48 49 PM

My Alexander Hamilton sock monkey, I am pleased to write, lives with my daughter and he spent 4 months travelling to England, Sweden, Southeast Asia and across Canada…

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 8.10.09 PM

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 8.10.29 PMScreen Shot 2017-08-27 at 8.10.49 PMScreen Shot 2017-08-27 at 8.11.09 PM

I will be collecting materials over the next while, and once my Fall work routine putters along, I hope to begin the cast all over again.

Check out:

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 8.14.07 PM

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 8.15.47 PM

See you at #SKiP 2017 June 23-24! @sketchapractice

I’m so excited and honored to be hosting two sessions at SKETCHING IN PRACTICE (SKiP) 2017 June 23-24, 2017 at SFU’s Goldcorp Centre!

SKETCHING IN PRACTICE (SKiP) is a two-day symposium that explores the construction of meanings through sketching. In 2016 we brought in scholars and practitioners from diverse backgrounds to explore the question, What happens when we draw? Last year we looked inward. This year we peer outward, asking Where does sketching lead to action? This year we are focusing on the HOW and WHY particular visual strategies are used to achieve a goal.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 11.05.57 AM


Keynote speaker, artist-ethnographer Dr. Andrew Causey

Keynote Topic: The average person reads and interprets thousands of images per day–not surprisingly doing most of it with little more than a glance. According to Dr. Andrew Causey, the cost of this massive amount of processing is that we end up missing the deep content and context of the world around us.  At the 2nd Annual 2017 Sketching In Practice Conference, Causey will share insights from his recently published book, Drawn to See: Drawing as an Ethnographic Method, on how line drawing can be used to build a more attentive, and deeper form of perception.

Remember | Resist | Redraw: Creating Radical Graphic History Posters with Kara Sievewright  and Robin Folvik

Workshop overview:  The Graphic History Collective (GCH) is a group of activists, artists, writers, and researchers passionate about comics, history, and social change. In 2017, we launched a collaborative project called Remember | Resist | Redraw: A Radical History Project to critically intervene in the Canada 150 conversation. With this project, the GHC hopes to encourage people to critically examine history in ways that can fuel our radical imaginations and support struggles for radical change in 2017 and beyond.

Sketching Off the Page with Lorraine WhiteWilkinson

Workshop overview:  Sketching Off the Page takes drawing into the 3-dimensional realm and into a full body physical expression of the elements of visual art as they intersect with the elements of movement. As an experiential learning workshop, participants are taken through a full body warm up that introduces the elements of dance and warms up the mind to creative possibilities linking the visual page to embodied representations.  The act of solo and co-operative sketching on paper weaves its way into  remarkable ‘sketchings off the page’ : sketchings that invite a sense of presence that  moves from the connection of pencil to paper, into body-to-body connections through dance, which further invite the connections of heart and mind.  These connections are revealed as complex and profound as they challenge and broaden the perception of what sketching is and what it can be.

Creative Nomad with Vjeko Sager

Live sketching demonstration / performance: “I practice “nomadic creativity” on a daily basis. I carry a portable studio (backpack filled with drawing & sketching materials) and a sketchbook, looking for hidden corners in coffee shops, where I sketch and draw my ideas. Over time, this ritual has evolved into a large body of works (containing more than thousand drawings).  My presentation involves setting up a pop-up studio and performing my sketching rituals. Additionally, I will  present my sketchbooks and engage in a conversation with SKIP’s participants. This project/presentation aspires to stimulate creativity and promote sketching as the most versatile and engaging creative strategy.”

Reclaiming Writing –  Adapting Writing Systems as an Expression of Cultural Autonomy with Gabe Wong

Workshop overview: Writing is a visual act. How we write is an expression of our culture. Through different orthographies, the form of our writing is loaded with meaning, creating references to a culture’s history and relationships. Often, a writing system can be seen as a product and tool of colonization and assimilation, and once it exists, it cannot be taken away. By reclaiming the way we write and taking ownership of our own writing system, we can also take ownership of our own culture and identity. Even a subtle change in the way we write can be an expression of our individual and cultural autonomy.  In this workshop, participants will sketch and develop alternative ways of writing that best represent their culture or history. Culture in this workshop is wide ranging, it can refer to a nation, but can also refer to groups with shared experiences, e.g. second-generation or queer culture. Participants can draw and develop new glyphs, draw new calligraphic approaches or explore different ways to writing. They will then share their developments, through their novel writing, with their peers.

How smooth is a mountain? Exploring the texture of lived space with Suk Kyoung Choi

Workshop overview: We attempt to communicate when we draw, but how do we connect conceptual form with the marks we make? Does this connection suggest we live in similar or very different visual worlds?This workshop explores the use of drawing to explore the textural geometry of embodied space. The workshop will take the form of a mediated experiment where participants sketch their interpretation of an automatically generated inspirational phrase describing a scene. Starting from a brief presentation of my research interest in the conceptual metaphors of texture and their relationship to environmental frequency, we will explore our individually embodied understandings of the space – time we inhabit. This exercise offers an increased awareness of how meaning is wrapped up in embodied (personal) metaphor, and a deeper understanding of how we may access previously hidden dimensions of experience. Come to experiment, explore, reflect, and engage in imaginative play! Drawing reaches into the subconscious: If you can feel you can draw. All levels of drawing welcome.

Peripatetic lines: on reading (and ‘writing’) wordless stories with Stef Lenk

Workshop overview: The intent of this workshop is to introduce the skill of ‘reading images’ without language as a crutch. I will present two self-created wordless graphic narratives; participants will ‘read’ and then write their interpretations down. We will then share and compare these interpretations, discussing what does and doesn’t work (relative to the initial goals of the narratives), how visual stories differ from text narratives in terms of reading experience, and how visual metaphor can open up a story to create more universal significance to audiences.

What tool when: Developing a vocabulary of visual heuristics with Patrick Pennefather 

Workshop overview: Facilitating learners with clients in meetings and ideation sessions in a project-based learning environment is a complicated yet rewarding teaching and learning opportunity. Participants will learn a vocabulary of strategic maps that learners at the MDM Program draw from to organize sessions, rapidly generate ideas visibly, align stakeholders on prioritized needs, identify problems to solve, propel projects forward within limited time-frames and more. Participants will also be exposed to specific use-cases where strategic maps were used in addition to trigger phrases that led teams to draw from specific visual tools and maps during ideation sessions with clients. 

Dark matter and dinosaurs: Sketching the invisible with Joshua Korenblat 

Workshop overview: How can we illustrate an idea when all of the actors are not visible or even tangible? We’re familiar with the idea of systems through ecosystems, which manifest themselves in observable natural events. Donella Meadows of MIT applied ecosystems toward human communities, coining the term “systems thinking.” A system is greater than its constituent parts, which interrelate for a natural function or human purpose. Today, systems thinking drives many innovative initiatives in science and economics. Whether the system is natural or human, we can identify common qualities. Patterns of behavior that change over time can be identified, creating surface events. Structures create these patterns, and we can even draw the deeper mystery of how a function or purpose activates these structures. In a system, sketchers can create portraits of actors, contain them in hierarchical frames, and draw relationships with arrows. These parts can then be organized meaningfully in space. In a virtual Realtime Board, we’ll sketch a system that connects seemingly unrelated events—dark matter, the demise of the dinosaurs, and the rise of mammals. We’ll discuss how this exercise applies in practical contexts.

Using comics to rehearse best practice with Jessica Motherwell, Ph.D. with Co-presenter: Krista Lambert, M.Ed.

Workshop overview: How students used a comic book app, Blackboard blog and ticking clock to co-create course content and demonstrate social justice action: An example of upstanding to sexism and homophobia.  Our learning challenge was to have students generate their own scenarios, stop wrongful behaviour and bring everyone back into right relationships — a process using students own social construction of knowledge.  Rather than lecture, we challenged students to dramatize best practice via a series of comic book panels. Teams of students were given an iPad with a comic book app to create the photo-based comic representations of the witnessed scenarios. Then each team contributed its comic book page to our collaborative, “Upstander’s Comic Book” (a.k.a. – a Blackboard blog). Then everyone engaged in rich feedback on each teams comics using the blog comments option. There was one catch — the comics had to be storyboarded, created and posted in less than 10 minutes!  Come and join us for this fast and fun session. And yes, there will be a ticking clock!

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 7.17.17 PM




Session 1 JUNE 23, 2017 2:00 – 3:00 PM:

Molly- a true crime analysis online graphic novel [PRESENTATION]

Participants will learn about Katarina’s 14+ year involvement in Canada’s most important unsolved cold case- The Babes in the Wood (as profiler, researcher, now writer/illustrator) and how she now uses an online weekly serial format (Jan 15-Nov 19 2017) to present her work.

Participants will learn:

• about the case and how Katarina got involved
• how her relationship with the case evolved over time
• how drawing is essential to the work
• how the decision to go online came about
• the importance of visual storytelling and the use of music to enhance the experience
• simple visual techniques to tell their own story

Katarina will share openly about her passion project/life’s work through audiovisual and take the participants through a Lynda Barry inspired story project.


Session 2 JUNE 24, 2017 1:30-2:30 PM:

Drawn Together Wheatpaste/Street Art Project [WORKSHOP]

Participants will:

• learn how creative engagement builds connections, creates safe space and fosters dialogue
• learn about the use of street art techniques to engage community
• experience hands on drawing and introduction to wheatpaste techniques and group will create a temporary mural.

Kat uses a friendly “follow me” approach that takes the participants through in depths drawing techniques.  The resulting drawings are cut out and used in a group mural.

No previous drawing experience necessary!
Project tools will be supplied!

Photo 2017-04-26, 3 12 21 PM

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.22.27 AM

Friday, June 23rd,
Saturday, June 24th

This event is held in partnership with Simon Fraser University’s, Faculty of Communication Art and Technology; School of Interactive Art and Technology; Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences; and the Teaching and Learning Center.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.25.30 AM


Cost for the two days is $35.00, is non-refundable and  is a flat rate for both days.  We have made every effort to keep the cost of the symposium down and part of this is managing administrative costs, we thank-you for understanding.

Event Details 

SKiP will be held at SFU’s World Art Centre.  See presenters page for more information  A schedule will be up soon!

Day 01: Friday June 23
Registration begins at 8:30 AM
Symposium starts at 9:15AM
Day 01 closes at  5:00PM

Day 02: Saturday June 24
Welcome back begins at 11:00AM
Sessions start at 11:30AM
Symposium ends at 4:00PM




Poststreet custom order sock monkeys.

I’ve had some interesting requests and ideas over the years and I do love the challenge of finding materials and interpreting the subject.  Here are some samplings and planning sketches…

A Clockwork Orange


Frida and Diego
Elizabeth I
Waterhouse’s Circe Invidiosa


Detail from Picasso’s Guernica
Sock Pug
Dia de los Muertos
Amy Winehouse
Monkey in wool sweater
Girl with the Pearl Earring
Advent Monkeys
Jack Skellington
Jedi Knight with a light saber (I know— oh dear)
Wedding monkeys
Charlie Chaplin
Dorian Gray
Mona Lisa
Francis Bacon


Bride of Frankenstein


V for Vendetta
Mia Wallace
The White Queen
Robert Smith
Wonder Woman

Contact me for your custom order and pricings!


Special BLOG Portrait Sale! Only $35 CAD until Dec 15!


Your fave subject interpreted in my signature style.


How to:

  1. Make payment (see below)
  2. Email photo plus mailing address
  3. I mail you original! (turnaround is usually one week from placing order to me mailing it regular post- if you need express post, we can discuss)
  4. Sale until December 15, 2016


ONLY $35.00 CAD INCLUDES SHIPPING (within Canada- add 9.50 CAD for US and 12.50 CAD elsewhere)

SIZE: 9″ X 12″ china marker on newsprint




The psychopomp and the crow- made from @Socksmith socks! 

I received these beautiful skeleton socks from Socksmith in the mail on Monday!  Oh I love them!


Socksmith has been a long time favorite sock company for me ever since my first visit to Sockshop on Haight back in October 2010!  Here is the blog post about that visit: LINK

I remained a long time fan:  LINKS

And Socksmith sent a generous donation of socks to support my sock monkey therapy back in July 2011: LINK.  So many youth benefitted from this amazing donation!


This past Christmas, my sweet friends, Parmida and Hailey gifted me with Frida Kahlo socks by Socksmith!


This one headed to my dear friend, Terry Tsipouras

So what a delight to receive these black and white skeleton design socks:

These knee highs feel great.  They sit well and snug on the legs (as modelled by my daughter) and the material (63% cotton, 34% nylon, 3% spandex) feels soft.

To purchase yours go to:

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 12.19.38 PM

Of course, me being me, I had to make a sock monkey out of them.  As I was contemplating the design at my kitchen table, I received a visitor!

Crows are friends with death. – source

This lovely creature gave me the idea to create a psychopomp out of the socks!  Wiki describes a psychopomp as:

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.30.29 AM

To learn more about psychopomps, visit my friend, Cat Webb’s site:

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.33.21 AM

I began by turning the socks inside out:

And the creative mayhem began:

The result is a psychopomp with a crow friend, in an organic cotton skirt.  The material from the skirt sourced from UNDERABLES!

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.38.36 AM

(The white material in the face is bamboo cotton, sourced from KenDor Textiles.)

My psychopomp now sits with her new best friend (made for me by Emily Cowan) in that kitchen window:

The sock monkey and the paper dress.

 I love making paper dresses!

Check out:

I’m obsessed with my paper dress

The bypoststreet paper dress

 The bypoststreet punk paper dress

My dress hangs there

I finally made one for a sock monkey.

Surprised that it took me so long!

Not sure why it is so satisfying, but it is!

— img_8666

The classic sock monkey is made out of luscious work socks.

The paper dress dress is double sided with original chinamarker drawings (front portrait of a hedgehog on a rose and back- a Daniel Clowes inspired fan art portrait of Little Enid from Ghost World).

The monkey measures about 14″ high.

Proceeds support sock monkey therapy with local at-risk youth!

Available on my ETSY site:


Sock Rottweiller plans!

Quite a few years ago, I designed my first sock pug.  Since then I have made many, and they continue to be very popular!



My pugs are available made to order on my ETSY site for $40.00 USD.


Due to multiple requests, I am now tackling a Sock Rottweiller!

According to my plans, they will be a bit more complex than my pugs.  They will be listed for $45.00 USD on my ETSY site.



To me -the Rottie represents confidence, courage, strength and committed choice.

The finished Rottie will measure about 10-12″ front to back.

Custom Hand-Drawn Pet Portraits.

If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.

James Herriot

To honour pets and to celebrate the joy we receive from them, I am offering 18″ x24″ pet portraits for only $57.00 CAD ($40 USD)

Chinamarker and acrylic highlights on newsprint

To purchase:

Save on shipping by using email transfer: $57.00 CAD to

Or you can order on my ETSY shop:



Once you have placed your order, email me a photo of your choice (or a few so I can get different perspectives) to along with your mailing address.

Expect 2-3 weeks for delivery


72-hour pledge drive to revive the 119 East Cordova Street Art Wall!

I need to raise some funds quickly and what better way than to dive right into my 2016 commitment to reviving the joy of street art in my personal community of students, colleagues and friends!


My 72-hour pledge drive to revive the 119 East Cordova Street Art Wall!

2 PM December 30, 2015- 2 PM January 2, 2016



Bird drawing marathon!

For each $10 raised I will be drawing a bird in my signature style:





These original bird drawings will be wheatpasted on the 119 East Cordova Street Art Wall with a few of my students/artist friends in the new year!

This wall was an important part of my work a few years back and well-loved by the community.  It even appeared in the Hope in the Shadows 2015 Calendar!


It is time to revive the wall for the local residents and get back to vibrancy, healing power and joy that is street art!

My goal is to draw 120 birds (dead and alive depending on my whim) over the next 72 hours!



 Support the pledge:

Donation via email transfer to

or PayPal 


On your mark, get set…



Update December 30, 2015 3:38 PM

First 4 birds of 120 complete (sponsored by @underables)

Blue Jay, Chickadee, American Robin, Vermillion Flycatcher


Update December 30, 2015 7:30 PM

Birds 5-9 (sponsored by Anna L., Laura M., Anna T.)

Cardinal, Sparrows, Pygmy Owl, Pigeon


Update December 30, 2015 10:30 PM

Birds 10-12 (sponsored by Patti H.)

Herons, Nuthatch


Update December 31, 2015 12:01 AM

Birds 13-16 (sponsored by Anne B. and Erin R. with Mindy)

Magpies, Ravens


December 31, 2015 10:20 AM

Birds 17-19 (sponsored by Lynn G.)

Eaglet, Eagle, European Robin



December 31, 2015 10:45 PM

Birds No. 20-22

Tesla’s White Pigeon (sponsored by Jasmine S.), Flamingo (sponsored by Emily C.,). Asterix, the African Grey Parrot (sponsored by Julian B.)




January 1, 2016 2:00 AM

Birds No. 23-27 Dead Birds (sponsored by Matt T.)


January 1, 2016 10: 40 AM

Birds 28-30 Hummingbirds (sponsored by Hecates Daughter)


January 1, 2015 12:15 PM

Birds 31-32 Love Birds (sponsored by Parmida and Hailey)

Birds 33-35 Red-breasted Sapsucker, Chickadee, Zebra Finch (sponsored by Lenore Kane, inspired by her beautiful bird photos)



January 1, 2016 9:00 PM

Birds 36-39: Falcon, Owl, Frog-bird, Pug-bird (sponsored by Merv Glip)



January 2, 2016 1:45 PM

Birds No. 40-43 in progress


Birds No. 44-45 Penguins (sponsored by Robyn W.)


Birds No. 46-47 Mourning Doves (sponsored by Carter and Shan, in honour of Suka and Tobey)


Birds No. 48 Raven with skull (sponsored by Evan C.)


January 2, 2016 11:15 PM

Pledge No. 49 The chickadee and the chipmunk at Beaver Lake, Stanley Park (Sponsored by Jessica S.)



Special edition sugar skull sock monkey

This handmade, handsewn sock monkey is a special version of my sugar skull sock monkey line!

She has an embroidered face and her dress is soft stretch cotton with crow design.  She is adorned with flowers and a little bird sits atop her head.


Work socks

Hypo-allergenic polyester fibre stuffing

Embroidery thread



Artificial Flowers





My special hand-sewn sock monkey kits now on Etsy!


Sock monkey kits!

Now on my ETSY SITE!


My special hand-sewn sock monkey kit includes:
• Pre-sewn sock monkey body (ready to stuff and assemble and personalize)
• Needle and thread
• Felt heart
• Button eyes
• A little worry bird (made from glove finger)
• How-to info
• Information about my local to global sock monkey therapy entrepreneurship program

(Stuffing not included)

Proceeds support my ability to deliver free sock monkey workshops to local at-risk youth.

Great items for engaging students, for hosting craft nights, for fundraising, for leadership skills building, employee engagement, professional development days, for gifts, for craftivism activities etc.


Love Kat