“Morfar’s Klass” up for raffle as part of ART HEALS @RubbleGallery, Vancouver BC. #arttherapy

My painting “Morfar’s Klass” (28″ x 40″) (acrylic on canvas) will be raffled ($20 ticket, 3 for $40, 10 for $100) on January 21, 2012 at ART HEALS at the Rubble Gallery.
This painting is an interpretation of a photograph of my grandfather’s elementary school class in Sweden.

Tickets and donations to go towards self-publishing costs of Molly and The Old Apple Tree.

Each ticket  or the $40 bundle is a coupon for a 5-minute portrait by me.  The $100 bundle gets you two portraits.

Raffle tickets are now available to pre-purchase  tickets will be sold during opening event.  Raffle draw at  8:45 PM January 21. Click on choice:



Featuring dual art show/fundraiser of therapeutic works by father and daughter: Roar and Katarina Thorsen

January 21- Feb 7, 2012 at the Rubble Gallery!

Opening event (with an interactive art corner) on January 21 7-9 PM! Cash bar, snacks, music, art.

The show will be a collection of our individual and mutual work:
1. Dual journals:
Created 2001-2003 (we would take turns week to week) as I experienced the breakdown of my marriage.  The journals will be on display  and you are welcome to read and interact with them.
Examples from my series on grief and divorce (china marker on masonite board). [will be on sale]
3. Portraits: 
Roar’s current series of therapeutic post-stroke drawings, created in his long term care facility (pencil and felt pen on small foam boards).  [will be on sale].
4. Molly: 
Preview of my illustrations for my graphic novel in progress (china marker on newsprint). [NFS]
preview of Roar’s post-stroke illustrations and quotes to his book of drawings and wisdoms (pencil crayon on paper).
[some originals for sale]
6. Raffle:
My painting “Morfar’s Klass” (28″ x 40″) (acrylic on canvas) will be raffled ($20 ticket, 3 for $40, 10 for $100).
Funds to go towards self-publishing costs of Molly and The Old Apple Tree.  Raffle draw at  8:45 PM January 21.  Each ticket  or the $40 bundle is a coupon for a 5-minute portrait by me.  The $100 bundle gets you two portraits.
7. Interactive Art Piece:
Large piece on foam board started by me and added to by participants and gallery visitors.  The piece can be added to by gallery visitors for the remainder of the exhibit and will be donated to the Rubble Gallery.
See examples of my interactive art at: http://bit.ly/ofOWDe

Rubble Gallery

She was amazing- my host @RebeccaRaw (5 min portrait no. 32)

I will be posting in detail all about last night’s art event all this weekend, but right now I have to thank Rebecca Rawlinson for making it an event of a lifetime!  To have such support, love and leadership from someone so incredible took the pressure off me and let me enjoy the night fully and allowed me to facilitate what was essentially an art therapy session on steroids!

Rebecca worked the room like magic.  Those who met her for the first time, fell in love.  For the rest of us, we fell in love all over again!

I have a portrait of Rebecca (in oil) to finish, started last night (just needs some finessing), and will share that when done.  But to debrief the night for myself I just had to do a 5 min sketch right now (in pencil in the back of an index card).  I call it Rebecca as California teen.


‘Cafe Lehmitz’ by Anders Petersen. #photography that inspires my work. Recalling exhibit @ModernaMuseet 2009

Alcohol’s children?  Manitou’s vengeance?  Who knows.

In July 2009, I visited the MODERNA MUSEET in Stockholm.  My favorite section of the gallery exhibits was Reality Revisited- Photography from the Moderna Museet Collection.  The raw, honest work of Swedish photographer Anders Petersen stood out.  It reminds of the subjects of Diane Arbus, but unlike the posed work of Arbus, Petersen captures the moment.  I purchased Petersen’s book Café Lehmitz to use as a source for my figure studies.

From NOODERLICHT.COMCafé Lehmitz was located near the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Germany.  Open for most of 24 hours, it was frequented by sailors and stokers from all corners of the world.  By merchants, dockers and cabdrivers.  By prostitutes, striptease dancers and pimps.  By poets, small time criminals and other night-revellers.  One thing they had in common: they were given the cold shoulder by ‘respectable society’.  Swedish photographer Anders Petersen came across the place at the end of the Sixties and for nearly three years would spend most of his days and nights near the tables, benches and dance floor where life was lived to the full.His debut book Café Lehmitz – as dark, wild and rugged as the place itself – was published in 1978.  It instantly made his name as a passionated chronicler of unruly daily life.  The cover-image of the book would in 1985 be used by Tom Waits for his LP Rain Dogs.

Quick sketch I just did (6B pencil on index card):

Drawn from "Café Lehmitz" plate 30


5minute6Bpencilanderaser backofanindexcard portrait no.26- @Kris_Carr!

UPDATE JAN 15, 2011! CONGRATS KRIS on the launch of your new book:

There are people in our lives that can say just what we need to hear when we need to hear it… One of those people, for me, is Kris Carr.  Kris Carr is my role model/mentor and her books and DVD got me through many rough moments as I took care of my mom during her battle with pancreatic cancer.

E.g. a quote from my overly-post-it-noted-well-loved copy of Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips- more rebellion and fire for your healing journey (containing-my last-card-to-mom-and-a-fave-photo-of-my-kids-ie.-her-grandkids):

Learn to live with a Stage IV cancer?  How?  How could I learn to live with cancer without thinking of dying every day?  That’s when a lightbulb blazed on.  To move through the fear, I had to change my focus and turn to the one thing that had always saved me in hard times: creativity. (p.3)

This is universal for any issue at any time.  Her work still nourishes me.  E.g. DEC 23 tweet:

Some days (actually sometimes several times a day) I battle fear- fear of the future, fear of money (lack thereof), fear of self-promotion, blah blah blah.  But I look at a page in Kris’s book or view her documentary or visit her blog etc and will find something to lift me and bring me back to the moment.  I ADORE this young woman.  Thank you, Kris!

Visit her site at http://crazysexylife.com/


And a sock monkey is seen on page 198 Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips- more rebellion and fire for your healing journey!