Death studies no. 2; china marker, acrylic on newsprint

See also: Death studies no.1 — My art therapy has one rule:  

Woman, I. Brad Fashion as a de Kooning

Even an abstract form has to have a likeness. – Willem de Kooning Recommended: Brad Fashion’s site: SUBSTITUTE FOR LOVE Stevens, M., Swan, A. (2006) de Kooning- An American Master, Alfred A. Knopf: New York, NY

The evolution of a portrait of @RebeccaRaw!

I started this portrait of the INCREDIBLE Rebecca Rawlinson for my June 23rd art event: It was then worked on by attendees the night of the event: We then auctioned it off with proceeds going to the development of my youth program, under the premise that I would later finish it- which I did tonight! [click…

Laundry day. Art from the vault.

You sometimes see a woman who would have made a Joan of Arc in another century and climate, threshing herself to pieces over all the mean worry of housekeeping. ~Rudyard Kipling Acrylic on canvas (unframed) Dedicated to my mother and all the women who came before me.

Fave art piece recall of the day “Church and Wheatfield”

This old piece, Church and Wheatfield (acrylic on canvas), proudly belongs in the Where Are They Now category of my catalogue.  Perhaps it will turn up when I empty the vault for the big art event/garage sale!  I’ll keep you posted!