This is how we do it! #wheatpaste #streetart #downtowneastside

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China Marker Bowie and other portraits

Portrait: Jacqueline

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Start with a drawing:

Here I am drawing a live portrait of “Kim.” Photographer: Nancy Kirkpatrick

Cut it out:

Add detail:

Find the right spot:

Emily McMorran and Maryellen Groundwater attaching “Kim.” I love how the background matched the original image.
Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick

An assortment of delicious moments from the past week:

Anna T Fabulous! Photographer: Megan Low
Photographer: Nancy Kirkpatrick

Emily McMorran

Emily McMorran, Nancy Kirkpatrick and Maryellen Groundwater prepping portrait of Nancy.
Travis Hengg wheatpasting Nancy.  Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick

Travis Hengg is my hero!
Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick
Travis re-pasting Megan’s portrait
Photo by Megan Low
Dustin Whymark checking is he can remove his portrait!
Maryellen prepping her drawing.  Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick

By Maryellen Groundwater

Travis Hengg

PORTRAIT: Jacqueline. #photography #drawing #wheatpaste #streetart #downtowneastside

Jacqueline G. China marker portrait on newsprint by Katarina Thorsen. Pasted by Travis Hengg. Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick.

Glorious day with my students and colleague, Nancy Kirkpatrick, at Intersections Media Opportunities for Youth Society!  Lots of projects in the works that we’ll be sharing shortly.

But for now…

Part of our day was spent on a photoshoot and I was so inspired by the photos of Jacqueline that I just had to draw her.

Jacqueline, Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick
Jacqueline, photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick

Smith, K. (2007) The Guerilla Art Kit, New York, NY: Princeton Architectural Press

Travis applying my drawing with wheatpaste.  Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick
Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick
Photo by Emily McMorran
Screenshot from video by Maryellen Groundwater

Video by Maryellen Groundwater

Photo by Emily McMorran
Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick