Self-imposed exile- let it go, let it go.o

Curled up in my chair in self-imposed exile.  Wrapped in old knits.

Personal art therapy- drawing fan art
Personal art therapy- drawing fan art

Loving less interaction. Loving not working on my to-do’s. Happy to be doing less.

Should I worry and fret?  Feel guilty?

No.  Nah.

Let it go.

Let it all go.

So fatigued- let it go.
Heavy grief dreams these days- let them go.

Dreamt about running, easily, in a race, Olympic level, through the forest- let it go.

Dreamt about mom- and both of us not getting off the ferry in time and being separated from our kids- let it go.

Frida let go
“Let go of the need to heal old emotional wounds.” – The Power Path

Hey!  Feeling valued these days!  Let it go.
Feeling more assured- let it go.
Loving the new work- let it go.
Should be illustrating- let it go.
Should be should be- let it go.

Hey, waking up without anxiety! Let it go.
Should I be worried about—? Let it go.
What about resolving—? Let it go.
Organize those papers- let it go.
Push yourself- let it go.
The sun through the kitchen window- let it go.
Look how far you’ve come- let it go.
I need to think. Let it go.
Loving solitude. Let it go.

Simplify? Yes.

Personal craft therapy- picking up old scraps of cloth and just letting whatever happens, happen.

By letting it go, it all gets done. – Lao Tzu