Potato Nose Diaries (1977) Instalment 1: Introduction

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My @TwinPeaks fan art helps me hold on to the dream

We are like the dreamer who dreams and then lives inside the dream. I process my obsessions through creativity.  And there is a lot to process as we have reached “the end” of Twin Peaks: The Return. A Lynch fan since Eraserhead, deeply deeply influenced and inspired by The Elephant Man and Blue Velvet, I…

“I recall a childhood dream…” with visual storytelling.

  Toying with creative process. Thumbnail sketches and experimenting with storyboarding the PREFACE (preamble) portion of Molly, a true crime analysis: RECALL:     

New drawings by my Dad. #strokerecovery #arttherapy

My father is busy at work on his second volume of illustrations.  His first book The Old Apple Tree is ready for editing and self-publishing. Here are some new ones he shared with me today:

Art saves lives. My dad at work on his second book. #strokerecovery #arttherapy

My father is busy at work on his second volume of illustrations.  His first book The Old Apple Tree is ready for editing and self-publishing.  I can’t wait for the day I surprise him with the first copy.  I am truly blessed to witness the healing power of art as my Dad thrives at his…

My favorite #illustrator: Björn Berg #MySwedishChildhood

I can hardly write this without being overcome by sentimentality and childhood memories.  Björn Berg illustrated Astrid Lindgren‘s and Alf Prøysen‘s work and my Swedish world perfectly. His depictions of Emil and Teskedsgumman (Mrs. Pepperpot) are searing in their spartan simplicity.  The role of the illustrator is to illuminate the text.  Björn Berg says so much…