“Dear me…” Write a letter to your younger self.

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What would you write to younger you today?

There is so much I want to write to that little anxious girl.  I haven’t written my letter yet, but it will come.  For now, I give that little girl a knowing nod and whisper- you are perfect as you are.

We have outgrown our container and are pushing up against limiting beliefs and our small, fear-based thought processes. The inner child is wounded and wants to be healed. But we must be disciplined and reward only a clear committed intention and not a whiny tantrum. Watch your reactions, as they can be explosive this month. Take a deep breath and think before you speak and act especially when you feel agitated, impatient or victimized. Remember to take responsibility for what is showing up in your life at this time. Step up to the challenge and trust spirit to take care of whatever you cannot see your way through.

There is tremendous opportunity this month to restructure your life based on healing your own inner child and adolescence and allowing for a new alignment of the masculine and feminine both for you personally and for the greater planetary community. The end result will be more personal power, a greater sense of freedom to live your life the way you want, and a deeper experience of self-love and confidence. There has never been a better time than now to move into a place of more trust in spirit and a deep inner knowing that all is as it should be. So embrace your growing pains and enjoy the ride. – Lena Stevens, The Power Path July 2015 Monthly Forecast


Mail the finished letter to yourself.  Once you receive it back, keep it sealed until the day you really need it- you’ll know when.  It’s a wonderful therapeutic art exercise!

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Sacred Contracts Journaling Exercise Part 4a of 8: what is your true nature?



PART 4a OF 8


We are tapping into our calling, our purpose, our joy in this SACRED CONTRACTS journal series.  It is inspired by Caroline Myss.  The journal series is  an experiment on my part, and I welcome you to join along.

Recall Part 1: Future and Present where we took time to look at where we would like to be, and where we are in this moment.

In Part 2: Where are your energy leaks? we focused on our body signals and biography makes biology. 

In Part 3: What Masks Do We Wear? we examined the masks we wear to protect ourselves from being vulnerable.

Today we examine our true nature.  What is it?

What does true nature really mean?

Is it tapping in to the inner child‘s endless appetite for curious exploration?


Is it the strength that resides deep within our heart, that resonates with our authentic voice?


Is it the idyllic peace of enlightenment as we connect fully with the world around us?


What does TRUE NATURE mean to you?

Write for a few minutes or draw it out.

For me, my true nature is the scared, overwhelmed teenager within that wanders around in the hallways of my brain.  She’s torn and worn, and used and bruised.  And she’s always there wandering.


But I accept that.  I accept her.  I love her.  She’s what makes me me.  She keeps me on my toes.  She’s in my laughter and in my heartache.  She’s in my tears and in my soul’s eye.  She’s sensitive and creative.

Even if you never consciously grapple with these questions about your true nature, certain circumstances will require you to pay attention. Life delivers you a series of challenges in the form of small and large good fortune, as well as petty and great misfortune. In the struggle to learn how to respond to the resulting joy, pain, and confusion, you are repeatedly challenged to seek and to act from your essence.

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