Joe Average’s new site! #art #photography

We are SO LUCKY to be able to access more of Joe Average’s work on his new site!  Check it out!  It’s like drinking a cool glass of clear, clean, beautiful water.

Joe Average (born 1957) is a Canadian artist who resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. Diagnosed HIV+ at age 27, Average made the decision to commit the rest of his life to art, and to challenge himself to live by his art.


I finally got to meet with Joe Average on August 3, 2012, and I was so moved!  He is one of my biggest inspirations…  Meeting your hero is a spiritual experience.  To discuss art together… not enough words can explain the delight and elation I felt!

My portrait of Joe. I gave him the originals and will wheatpaste prints! (China marker, acrylic on newsprint)
My portrait of Joe and Nadine. I got to meet her! (China marker, acrylic on newsprint)
“Miss Nadine,” Joe Average

Thank you, Joe, for allowing me to draw you!  And for being so generous with your time and inviting me onto you paradise porch!

Joe Average took some fabulous photos of my dog, Tobey!

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CBC Radio Interview Jan 16, 2011

For Joe:

Joe Average. #wheatpaste prep. #streetart

He is one of my biggest inspirations…  Thank you, Joe, for allowing me to draw you! These pieces will be pasted next week.

Joe Average

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