My mother’s tapestry…

Today would have been my mother’s 80th birthday.  It was joyous to celebrate her by celebrating my nephew’s 5th birthday (his official birthday is on the 19th) in my brother’s household filled with kids and mayhem, food and laughter.


Photo by Anna Thorsen

Our growing family certainly is my mother’s tapestry- her woven threads.

We are the weavers of our own lives, in which each experience can become an important thread used by our consciousness to connect with one another… Turning to the archetypal meaning of the thread, it symbolizes the agent that links all states of being to one another… [source]

My mother often claimed that she was not artistic, that instead she was an artistic director.  She had an amazing eye for design and style.  But… despite her denials- she was artistic and crafty and influenced my love for tradition and craft.

She started the piece below in the late 60’s.  I would spend hours watching her work on it, helping her add stitches, laughing with her as she lost count, rubbing my hands over the texture, copying the images… the unfinished aspect is magical.  One of my most important treasures,  I converse with her now as I look at the instructions and smell the wool.






Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so that each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry. – Richard P. Feynman



Her basket also contains some smaller unfinished projects.  I love this basket. LOVE.   And so happy to still have it.





Karin Thorsen Sept 17, 1936- Nov 8, 2008

Photo by Fredrik Thorsen

Snapchat by Anna Thorsen:

DOCUMENTARY: Drawn Together- Roar Thorsen’s Recovery through Art

Thanks to my backers on our Indiegogo campaign, Drawn Together, I was able to fund the making of the documentary short, Drawn Together: Roar Thorsen’s Recovery through Art, directed, edited and filmed by Julian Bowers.  And I am honored to have original music created by J. Lastoria and Julian Bowers, members of the band, Sleuth.

I will forever be grateful for the extraordinary gift of being able to visit with my Dad by watching this video, hearing his voice.



 Be sure to check out SLEUTH:

Sleuth: Oliver McTavish-Wisden, J. Lastoria, Julian Bowers, Jesse Easter



A legacy for the next generation. #DrawnTogether #strokerecovery #artheals

Henrik and Roar by Roar Thorsen

Our book is about art and a father/daughter story, but it is also a legacy that we are creating for Dad’s grandchildren- Anna (27), Julian (24) and little Henrik, who turns 1 next week and whose middle name is “Roar.”

Grandpa and grandson. Photo by Fredrik Thorsen
Photo by Fredrik Thorsen
Photo by Fredrik Thorsen


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Legacy. What does that mean to you? #journal #arttherapy

I put out the following question the other day:

Q: What does the word “legacy” mean to you? 

The responses were thoughtful and beautiful:

Creating something that will outlive you. A permanent mark. A lasting impression. – Peter B.

Creating something that can definitely withstand the test of time. – Evelyn W.

Epic love. – Lindsey H.

My mom use to send hand written cards to everyone. She did not text or email. She would call and follow up with a beautiful card. She had a drawer full of cards she collected Since she has passed away I carry on her Legacy and send cards and hand written letters to people I meet and care about. It creates a beautiful energy and emotion when I send it. It reminds me of the beautiful love and spirit my mom had. – Paula C.

Legacy? Hmm. To be immortalized in stone. Sounds about right to me. – Dustin W.

The endurance of values, qualities and ideas. – Jen N.

A memory that one person shares or passes on to another, creating an image for the other to always remember the memories creator by. – Mike B.

What a great question!… Legacy is a kind of medicine… the more endearing it is the more it will endure… – Andrew I.

The imprint of our life that we leave for others… we are remembered, cherished and carried forward for others to embrace or heal from. – Cheryl B


is the illusion people create for himself/herself and/or others that they are victorious in the eternal fight against a meaningless existence during our brief stay on earth. 

But if the illusion is strong enough, practiced by people, something greater and beyond yourself,

It might just transform into reality. 

Becoming something more than you could ever imagine in your lifetime.

Melting into the cycle, and though you wear away, your essence remains.

– Justine T.

I’ve wondering about the word legacy these days as I work on the book with Dad.  Is leaving a legacy the drive behind the work we do as artists?  Is the drive to leave a mark our strive for immortality?

A page from Dad’s journal

What does legacy mean to you?

Write or draw about it.  Share it.

Excerpt from Lynda Barry’s PICTURE THIS

My Dad and I certainly aren’t about leaving a financial legacy.  Haha!  What both of us bring in each month is less that what goes out.  You know how it is.  Our life is not glamorous.  But we live so richly, so fully.  Our family, our art, our connection… that is the wealth.  So much wealth.

My journal page this morning.

My visit with Dad last night was magical.  Laughing till it hurt.  Excited about the future. Excited about the moment.  And now all our work is really congealing, ripening.  I sense the work we do is taking a life of its own and will reach people in a new and profound way.  It’s exciting and invigorating.  It’s an adventure larger than the two of us.

And if the legacy is this simple book, inspiring one person, that is a great legacy indeed.

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