Something this fun has got to be illegal! #wheatpaste #streetart #westend

Huge thank you to Nancy Kirkpatrick, Maryellen Groundwater, Megan Low and Dustin Whymark for a beautiful day!

Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick
Esteban, David. Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick
The Social Life. Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick

The Social Life

Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick

Is it GUERILLA ART if you’re openly squealing with laughter?!

Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick
SPECTACULAR monster series by Maryellen Groundwater. Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick
SPECTACULAR monster series by Maryellen Groundwater. Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick
Pride tree by the beautiful and inimitable Nancy. Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick
Josh, Rebecca.  The colors! Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick

Captured moments:

Maryellen prepping her pastings
Nancy prepping her piece
Monster series by Maryellen
Prepping my dead birds.


By Maryellen Groundwater
Perfect placement for Maryellen’s piece!


“Once it’s up, let it go.” #wheatpaste #streetart #downtowneastside

Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick
Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick

Most of the pieces remain untouched, even after several weeks, even after a year.

But some have been altered…

Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick

 … so we added back.

And we added more.

“Once it’s up, let it go.”  Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick

Maryellen cutting out my Dead Bird series

Dustin adding a bird to where his face used to be.
Megan is missing. Or her portrait is.
Megan adding a bird to the spot.
All that is left of Maryellen’s piece is a little tree.
Maryellen’s latest masterpiece finds the perfect spot.
By Maryellen Groundwater


Patti being pasted by Nancy Kirkpatrick
Megan adding dead bird to dumpster.
Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick

Maryellen adding dead bird to pipe.

Dustin touching up the sock monkey.
Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick
Mugshot, Molly’s Father.

Graphic Novel

Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick
Land of hopes and dreams, 1929. Molly’s uncle.
Maryellen pasting a dead bird.

Stay tuned for Pride 2012 Wheatpaste Campaign!

This is how we do it! #wheatpaste #streetart #downtowneastside

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Portrait: Jacqueline

Latest updates

Start with a drawing:

Here I am drawing a live portrait of “Kim.” Photographer: Nancy Kirkpatrick

Cut it out:

Add detail:

Find the right spot:

Emily McMorran and Maryellen Groundwater attaching “Kim.” I love how the background matched the original image.
Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick

An assortment of delicious moments from the past week:

Anna T Fabulous! Photographer: Megan Low
Photographer: Nancy Kirkpatrick

Emily McMorran

Emily McMorran, Nancy Kirkpatrick and Maryellen Groundwater prepping portrait of Nancy.
Travis Hengg wheatpasting Nancy.  Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick

Travis Hengg is my hero!
Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick
Travis re-pasting Megan’s portrait
Photo by Megan Low
Dustin Whymark checking is he can remove his portrait!
Maryellen prepping her drawing.  Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick

By Maryellen Groundwater

Travis Hengg

Latest updates from our #wheatpaste (aka Marxist glue) #streetart blitz, #downtowneastside.

Wheatpaste (also known as Marxist glue, or simply paste) is a liquid adhesive made from vegetable starch and water. It has been used since ancient times for various arts and crafts such as book binding, decoupage, collage, and papier-mâché. It is also made for the purpose of adhering paper posters to walls and other surfaces (often in graffiti). Closely resembling wallpaper paste, it is often made by mixing roughly equal portions of flour and water [and some sugar] and heating it until it thickens, or by smearing cooked rice into a paste. [source]

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China Marker Bowie and other portraits

Portrait: Jacqueline

This is how we do it

We’ll be doing more pasteups today and capturing it on video.  I was going to write about WHY? I’m into doing wheatpasting right now- but, nah- it’s either self-explicable or un-explicable.  Either way: WHY NOT?

Travis pasting Matt’s portrait. Photo by Maryellen Groundwater


Emily.  As the wheatpasted paper dries, it shrinks and adheres solidly to the wall, revealing whatever texture is underneath. Our initial pasteups are still on the wall and survived torrential downpour, unscathed.
Travis doing touchups on the only casualty this week. Looks like a key scratch on Megan’s portrait.

Travis Hengg, Maryellen Groundwater

Megan, Travis, Maryellen, Brandon, Dustin, Emily, Jacqueline.

Today’s pasteups are being prepped:


China Marker #Bowie and other portraits.

Oh, China Marker I doth love you so.

It’s my medium of choice for my graphic novel.  When I die, bury me with a fresh china marker box and a pad of newsprint.  Then cremate me ’cause I’m claustrophobic.

Here are some samples from this week’s China Marker portraits.

David Bowie
Travis wheatpasting my portrait of Dustin.

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Megan Low

Travis Hengg

Matthew Roy
Maryellen Groundwater
Brandon Peters
Emily McMorran
Josh Langston