My Stanley Park observations find their way into “Molly” at unexpected times

Our usual spring awakening is late this year.

I recall a walk around Beaver Lake a year ago…  I was infused by the profound beauty of nature.  Warm sun.  Blossoms.  Skunk cabbage.  Herons were dancing in the wind above the lake, ducks were courting and playing, chipmunks and squirrels scurrying.  Chestnut-backed chickadees and red-breasted nuthatches landed on my hands.  I described the feeling as angel whispers.

Drawing: March 28, 2016. China Marker on Newsprint 16″ x 24″ 



Stanley Park is truly one of my favorite places.  Living only a half block away from the park, working on Molly– whose central theme is set in the park- is such a satisfying creative process.  My treks, notes, sketches and bird observations find their way into the project at unexpected times.

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Excerpt from Part 2A- Why Me?

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Excerpt from Part 2B- A Child is Born

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Excerpt from Part 3A- The DNAPart 3A- The DNA

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As I cocoon in my apartment this morning, working through the to-do’s and prepare for upcoming workshops as well as the next episode of Molly (Part 8A- A Child’s Shoe), I am longing for the warmth of Spring sunshine, the gentle breeze and sounds and colors…

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Around 3 am… I felt a tap on my shoulder.

Around 3 am yesterday morning (November 19) I woke up because I felt a tap on my shoulder.


More like a double jab.

On my right shoulder.

It felt so real—


I just knew it was a message regarding Molly but it didn’t even feel like her- felt like a male presence.

Like he was telling me to PAY ATTENTION.


And all day  yesterday I was thinking about it- knowing that if I just let go of seeking the answer, the answer would come.

I was prepping info last night to bring along to a meeting today about the Babes in the Wood and I felt a chill as I wrote down Molly’s father‘s birthday- November 19 (1891).

And more and more clues have unfolded this weekend.  I am on my 13th year on this project.  I keep stitching the information together.  Molly, I am listening.




The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.  – Marcus Tullius Cicero

Messages from Angels…

I love getting messages from Angels.

I just sat down for a spot of tea…

and pulled out some creativity books to prep for a session around mission and vision statements.

I discovered a tiny envelope inside one of the books containing a gift from one of my mom’s best friend, Jopie. I don’t recall it at all, so I take it as a little angelic gift- a reminder that all of THIS- this art and science we call LIFE, is magical.

No, I never saw an angel, but it is irrelevant whether I saw one or not. I feel their presence around me. – Paulo Coelho

Pay attention to the birds: Part 6- Starling

Ah, the birds— and their delightful ways— this time of year in particular.  I just LOVE watching them!

And I love when I feel something extra special in a particular moment that makes me stop and pay attention.

The other day, I observed a flock of starlings.  I know many people call them rats, greasy rat-birds.  But if you really stop, and take a close look, they are absolutely stunning.


I identify with these little commoners.  I find it so therapeutic to study them, and embroider their detailing.  It reminds me to take time to STOP.  To OBSERVE the beauty around us.  Indeed, I feel most at peace when embroidering my drawings in solitude.  Why?  Is it a question that needs to be answered?  What makes you feel at peace?

So what was it about this particular moment?  What lesson did I need to learn?

Let’s look up some symbolism.  Here are some fave findings:

Starlings… are messengers from the spirit realms. They actually are a wakeup call and reminder that changes in situations are coming. Usually for the better. They signal the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one…

The first changes will be spiritual, (these have already begun) which will start the “domino” effect of your physical and logical life as well. Though it may seem that things are getting more complicated in these areas first, this is actually a shaking off of the dust and the opening for the new. [source]

Starling teaches how to behave within a group setting – how to be effective and assertive without becoming a bully. Communication is important to Starling people; however, you must be careful what you say, for people may take it incorrectly or blow it out of proportion. Watch your own sensitivity to other’s words. You might be reading more into it that is truly there. By learning Starling’s behaviors, you can live peacefully within your community of friends and family. [source]

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