Some self reflection in my #DIY collage project!

Step 1. Get a square IKEA MALMA mirror.

Step 2. Print out (actual size) 4 panels of my piece “Mirror.” (Click on the images for full size.  Drag onto desktop, fiddle around with it!)

Step 3. They are designed to be pieced together (overlapped) and mod-podged on the square IKEA MALMA mirrors.

Step 4. Add your own glitter, paint, words, feathers, beads whatever!

Step 5. Voila!   Meditate on the beautiful person staring back at you!

Checking in with my mentor. She gave me homework #dreams #listen. I give you a small gift. #art

mirror-22I chatted with my mentor, Solvig, tonight and we both are in agreement that something is “brewing.”  She assured me that all is as it should be, and my anxiety is actually “ants in the pants” while the next chapter starts.

Tonight I am to spray some of my angel-mom’s favorite perfume as I go to bed.  I ask mom a question then sleep and dream.  The answer will come in the form of words in a book, or in a song or anywhere.  “But it will come.”

Solvig’s key word: FATE.

My pieces “Mirror” (oil on wood) set the tone tonight:

A gift from me to you- if you print out these pieces full size full color, they are designed to be pieced together (overlapped) and mod-podged on the square IKEA MALMA mirrors.

Sweet dreams and hello Mamma.

Love, Katarina