I envy you, drunk with flowers… Nancy plays with peonies.

Raw moments with peonies captured by Nancy Kirkpatrick today at Intersections Media: Moss covered paths between scarlet peonies, Pale jade mountains fill your rustic windows. I envy you, drunk with flowers; Butterflies swirling in your dreams. – Qian Qi (Tang Dynasty) Painting by Alicia Love

First human victim other than myself. #Tattoo.

You may recall that I purchased a tattoo machine awhile back. And I SLOWLY got to know it… And that I took the process seriously… And I hardly dared plug it in… And I tested it out… And I doodled all over myself with surgical marker… And finally did one on my left thigh: And…

Take Off the Amber, Put Out the Lamp #graphicnovel #research

Take the day.  Immerse.  Forget everything else.  Read.  Sketch.  Cocoon.  Trust the calling. Today’s resources: Jamison, K.R. (1999) Night Falls Fast- understanding suicide, Vintage Books: New York, NY, USA Malooof, J., ed. (2012) Vivian Maier- Street Photographer, powerHouse Books: New York NY, USA Appignanesi, L. (2007) Sad, Mad and Bad- women and the mind-doctors from…

Introducing Jan Sam, @audiocinematic. #audio #visual #artist

I had the pleasure of meeting Jan Sam during Tuesday’s photoshoot. He is a superbly talented young man who just exudes the persona of ARTIST.  I look forward to collaborations! Check out Jan Sam’s music at: A sampling of Jan Sam’s art:

A wise man once said that all human activity is a form of play. #Photoshoot

A wise man once said that all human activity is a form of play. And the highest form of play is the search for Truth, Beauty and Love. What more is needed? Should there be a ‘meaning’ as well, that will be a bonus? If we waste time looking for life’s meaning, we may have…

Josh Langston does D.W “Held in a spell… stabbed like a driven nail.” @darylswhite’s #porcupineology

Josh Langston of The Social Life models D.W Fashion. Designer: Daryl White Clothing creation & modification from recycled fabrics into original unique clothing pieces that are a reflection of major influences in pop culture, and also influenced by past – present – and future fashion market trends… He was always cold, but the land of gold…

A Lecture Upon the Shadow: an evening of collaboration on the #graphicnovel with @RickLegalPhotos and co.

A LECTURE UPON THE SHADOW. by John Donne December 3, 2012 was an evening of collaboration as Jocelyn Louise and Jay Fisher recreated 1947 and main characters from my graphic novel as they were photographed by the extraordinary photographer, Rick Legal, and as the entire process was documented by photographer and colleague, Nancy Kirkpatrick. The book will include…

“I am art.” #streetart wall builds connections in the #downtowneastside

As our streetart wall grows, we are building connections with the local community, enjoying audience as we paint, inviting others to join. We are building dialogue around the “portrait.”  We are building relationships and locals are asking to have their photos taken and portraits done as they enjoy the empowerment we all feel when being…

“For the yellow smoke that slides along the street.” #streetart

Nancy Kirkpatrick‘s beautiful photos of today’s street art session:   Check out more of our street art at PORTRAITS/STREET ART

#Tearsheets, #Streetart, #Vancouver and @VanRagazine!

Huge thank you to V-Rag Magazine, Cole Johnston and Matthew Roy for an amazing article in the SEPTEMBER 2012 issue and for the honor of appearing in this wonderful publication! Vancouver’s Gay Arts & Culture Rag V-Rag is a free monthly publication available in shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and salons around the West End, Downtown,…

The Social Life hits the streets! #streetart #wheatpaste #thesociallifeyvr

Graffiti is one of the few tools you have if you have almost nothing.  And even if you don’t come up with a picture to cure world poverty you can make someone smile while they’re having a piss.  — Banksy (Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall) Huge thank you to The Social Life, Anna T Fabulous, Josh…

Exquisite portraits by Tony Noh #photography

I asked my colleague (filmmaker/photographer) Tony Noh to capture my students in the style of Rineke Dijkstra.   I asked for stark raw sources.  He delivered, beautifully. More student portraits by Tony Noh: —   —

Something this fun has got to be illegal! #wheatpaste #streetart #westend

Huge thank you to Nancy Kirkpatrick, Maryellen Groundwater, Megan Low and Dustin Whymark for a beautiful day! The Social Life Is it GUERILLA ART if you’re openly squealing with laughter?! Captured moments:  

“Once it’s up, let it go.” #wheatpaste #streetart #downtowneastside

Most of the pieces remain untouched, even after several weeks, even after a year. But some have been altered…  … so we added back. And we added more. Maryellen cutting out my Dead Bird series Patti Graphic Novel Stay tuned for Pride 2012 Wheatpaste Campaign!

This is how we do it! #wheatpaste #streetart #downtowneastside

See also: China Marker Bowie and other portraits Portrait: Jacqueline Latest updates Start with a drawing: Cut it out: Add detail: Find the right spot: An assortment of delicious moments from the past week: —

PORTRAIT: Jacqueline. #photography #drawing #wheatpaste #streetart #downtowneastside

Glorious day with my students and colleague, Nancy Kirkpatrick, at Intersections Media Opportunities for Youth Society!  Lots of projects in the works that we’ll be sharing shortly. But for now… Part of our day was spent on a photoshoot and I was so inspired by the photos of Jacqueline that I just had to draw her….