Good night, Asterix.

I have been very aware of late that my parrot is aging.  The lifespan for domestic African Greys is about 28-32 years, whereas in the wild they live to about 60. I have always thought Asterix was born May 19, 1989.  That has always been my story, but it may have been earlier?  My memory…

Drawn to Pets

Introducing Drawn to Pets  The specific website for ordering my custom pet portraits!

Last minute gift idea: pet portrait gift certificate!

Special holiday price: $45.00 CAD includes shipping TO ORDER FOR YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Email transfer to or PAYPAL Recipient of gift certificate can email their photos of choice along with their mailing address to me at their leisure. GIFT CERTIFICATE PDF: gift-certificate-compressed

Portrait custom orders available on ETSY: poststreet

Handdrawn custom orders in my signature style at a special price 18″ x 24″ China Marker on Newsprint HUMAN: PETS: SUGAR SKULL PORTRAITS:

Custom Hand-Drawn Pet Portraits.

If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans. James Herriot To honour pets and to celebrate the joy we receive from them, I am offering 18″ x24″ pet portraits for only $57.00 CAD ($40 USD) Chinamarker and acrylic highlights…