DOCUMENTARY: Drawn Together- Roar Thorsen’s Recovery through Art

Thanks to my backers on our Indiegogo campaign, Drawn Together, I was able to fund the making of the documentary short, Drawn Together: Roar Thorsen’s Recovery through Art, directed, edited and filmed by Julian Bowers.  And I am honored to have original music created by J. Lastoria and Julian Bowers, members of the band, Sleuth….

Saturday visual experimentation Part 2. Redo, Transform f. @SleuthTheBand

Recall: Saturday visual experimentation Part 1 As mentioned in part 1, I’m experimenting with using a pre-existing book as a journal.  I’m using: Tales of the Batman by Tim Sale. On this re-done, transformed page, I celebrate my son’s band, SLEUTH, as they prepare to leave for NEW YORK CITY to appear at POP FEST 2012! — Some…

New minimalist work by Julian Bowers

These two new pieces by my son, Julian Bowers, are clean, quiet and peaceful, yet they still have the powerful and voracious exploration found in his previous work. Stay tuned for a blog post on Julian’s band Sleuth, as they prep for their trip to New York!


I love these kids.  Yes, one of them happens to be my son, Julian, so duh, but seriously, I absolutely love watching SLEUTH, the band, develop. Self-described as two nerds, one charismatic, one giant–and all four are looking about for clues with delicate resistance to art school etiquette without being artless or heartless, Sleuth’s members…