First human victim other than myself. #Tattoo.

You may recall that I purchased a tattoo machine awhile back.


And I SLOWLY got to know it


And that I took the process seriously


And I hardly dared plug it in


And I tested it out


And I doodled all over myself with surgical marker


And finally did one on my left thigh:


And got my second professional tattoo by English Dan to learn by watching:

Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick

Then did another one on myself, this time the right thigh:


And yesterday, finally on someone else.  Thank you Carolyn for being so brave!  She wanted it big, so I drew it on freehand and made it SIZE LARGE.  It’s crude and amateur, but I loved doing it and so honored that Carolyn insisted!

Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick
Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick
Photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick





#Tattooing journey- step 4: Testing on skin! On myself! #outline

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Initial outline. Shitty, shaky, not deep enough but fun!  Will fill it in once this stage has healed. Fitting that the first tattoo I did on myself, is a freehand sketch of Lynda Barry.

Checking in one hour later:

Checking in 12 hours later:

It has the pencil sketch look I wanted. Let’s see how it heals!


I am not interested in doing old school tattooing and classical tattooing.  I will leave that to the extraordinary tattoo artists out there!  It takes years of dedication and apprenticeship.

I am really into tattooing my own style though and preferably free hand.

So if you’re in the line to get a tattoo from me, please expect it to be in “my style!”  And I won’t be doing any on you until I have four COMPLETED, well-executed and well-healed tattoos on myself!