SOLD: Studio Clearance Sale: Tattoo Kit and Supplies

Raising funds, clearing space and letting go. Studio Clearance Sale (Vancouver BC) ON HOLD FOR SALE: Excellent condition tattoo kit includes 3 tattoo machines (one unused) and power source and foot pedals (one unused), and all related supplies with lots of needles as well as books!  See content photos below. SOLD CONTACT: EMAIL  

First human victim other than myself. #Tattoo.

You may recall that I purchased a tattoo machine awhile back. And I SLOWLY got to know it… And that I took the process seriously… And I hardly dared plug it in… And I tested it out… And I doodled all over myself with surgical marker… And finally did one on my left thigh: And…

“Walk your own path.” Portrait of Jordan. #tattoos #streetart

Simple one of my favorite people. Jordan H.          

#Tattooing journey- step 4: Testing on skin! On myself! #outline

Recall my posts: Watercolor tattoos 1 Watercolor tattoos 2 The purchase of a tattoo machine Getting to know the machine Tattooing- taking it seriously Tattooing Step 1: plug it in Tattooing Step 2: testing it out Tattooing Step 3: testing skin markers — Checking in one hour later: Checking in 12 hours later: Note: I…

Tattoo machine arrived!!! a. open box b. close box c. stop hyperventilating d. read manual e. manage requests!

Painting on @jocelyn_louise… Walking canvas.

From¬†Holt Renfrew Art Event March 26, 2011¬†(Photos by Fredrik Thorsen) From Skin is In August 13, 2010 Gallery Gachet As always, thank you’s to my beautiful muse, Jocelyn Louise.