Graffiti Art Therapy

Ezekiel- Eric Rothman Art Therapy Research MAP640B Janice Hoshino, Ph.D., ATR-BC December 11, 2002


This study investigates the therapeutic effectiveness of using art therapy in conjunction with graffiti art and culture in the treatment of socially-defiant adolescents who have been detained and/or put on probation for defacing public property with graffiti.  A group of seven boys will participate in a six week Graffiti Art Therapy group facilitated by an art therapy graduate student and a legitimate graffiti artist/youth worker.  T tests will be run on the Adolescent Treatment Outcomes Module (ATOM) pre to post to determine level of significance (p<.05).  In addition, journals kept by participants provide data for a qualitative analysis of Graffiti Art Therapy treatment effectiveness.

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Skateboard park, North Vancouver BC, 2008

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  1. Deegy says:

    Hi, I work at a shelter in Vancouver dealing with at-risk youth between the ages of 16 and 22 and I was wondering if you know of any programs in the area where youth can participate in graffiti art. Cheers!

  2. britkat says:

    Thanks for your inquiry! I sent you an email with some contacts.

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